Part 6

The next morning, the Smurfs convened in the center of the village as things were prepared for a court case hearing. There was an air of solemnity as the Smurfs discussed among themselves what the court case would be all about. Meanwhile, Smurfette and Polaris Psyche, both dressed in the robes of lawyers, held private counsel with their clients about the case they were both presenting before Papa Smurf as the judge. Narrator sat with Baby Smurf in his arms, wondering how everything is going to turn out.
Wonderette, who was dressed in nice clothes that were picked out by Smurfette, was still acting like she was wrongfully shamed. "I feel like I'm going to be shamed in front of all my fellow Smurfs, Smurfette," Wonderette said.
"There, there now, Wonderette," Smurfette said. "Papa Smurf knows that you're innocent of this matter. The other Smurfs will also know what kind of a Smurf Empath really was to you last night. You have nothing to fear."
Meanwhile, Empath was sitting with Polaris. "This smurf feels like the whole deck is stacked against this smurf, and Wonderette is holding all the cards," Empath said.
"This one understands your fear, Empath," Polaris said. "We will prove today without a shadow of a doubt that you're innocent, and that these claims that Wonderette has against you will prove to be her undoing in this situation."
Then Brainy Smurf appeared with an announcement on hand. "All rise, please, for the Most Honorable Papa Smurf will preside as judge," he said. The Smurfs all rose as Papa Smurf made his way to the judge's seat, wearing a judge's robe. "He will now hear the case of Wonderette Smurfette vs. Empath Smurf in regards to sexual assault that the accused has committed to the accuser."
"You may be seated," Papa Smurf said as he took his seat. "Before we proceed with the case, may I remind both the accused and the accuser that these are serious charges that are being smurfed before me, and that the guilty party may be subject to the punishment that is suitable for this case. Since I know that you, Empath, are not able to be held in any prison, the punishment for you would be banishment from the Smurf Village, and your powers will be permanently blocked so that you will not hurt anyone else. Do both parties of this case understand this?"
"Yes, Your Honor," Empath and Wonderette both said together.
"Very well, then," Papa Smurf said. "Smurfette, you may present your case."
"Thank you," Smurfette said as she stood before the crowd. "Your Honor, may I present the case of Wonderette Smurfette, who as a recent member of the Smurf Village was taken advantage of and assaulted by Empath Smurf, who denies that he had any part of what has happened to my client and smurfs the counterclaim that my client has, according to him, assaulted him instead."
"Thank you for your statement, Smurfette," Papa Smurf said. "Polaris Psyche, you may present your case."
Polaris Psyche got up and stood before the crowd. "Your Honor, this one presents the case of Empath Smurf, who stands accused before you of a crime that he did not commit, for in fact the crime has been committed upon him by his accuser Wonderette Smurfette, who has forced herself upon him and now denies that she has done harm to my client."
"That is a lie!" Wonderette cried out.
"Order! Order in the court!" Papa Smurf said, banging his gavel. "I know how emotional these events are, Wonderette, but let's try to control ourselves in a court hearing. Smurfette, you may present the accuser."
Most of the Smurfs got up and cheered as Wonderette got up and took her seat beside the judge. "Do you solemnly smurf that you will smurf the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?" Papa Smurf asked.
"Yes, I do, Your Honor," Wonderette answered.
"Very well," Papa Smurf said. "Smurfette, you may begin your questioning."
"Wonderette, where were you on the night before today?" Smurfette asked.
"I was in Tapper's Tavern, having fun with all my fellow Smurfs and having a great time," Wonderette answered.
"And who were you with on that night?" Smurfette asked.
"I was with many different Smurfs, but the Smurf that I left the tavern with was Empath," Wonderette answered.
"And what were you smurfing on that night with Empath when this had happened?" Smurfette asked.
"We were having a dance with each other, we kissed, we left the tavern together. We both walked toward the outer edges of the village. We found a place to be alone with each other near the forest. Then Empath kissed me and couldn't let go of me, and then things took a turn for the worse as he made me strip off all my clothes, then he forced himself into me," Wonderette explained.
"We have evidence that this has happened as Wonderette has smurfed it, Your Honor," Smurfette said as she went to the table and held up the dress Wonderette was wearing. "Do you recognize this as the dress you were smurfing that night?"
"Yes," Wonderette answered. "Empath tore that dress when he forced himself upon me that night."
"This smurf has done no such thing!" Empath cried out.
"Order!" Papa Smurf said, banging the gavel. "You will smurf your chance to speak for yourself when the accuser has finished presenting her testimony."
"Now, Wonderette, where did you go after Empath had assaulted you?" Smurfette asked.
"I went straight home to your house, Smurfette," Wonderette answered. "That is exactly what has happened as I remember it."
"Very good," Smurfette said. "I have no more questions, Your Honor."
Papa Smurf nodded. "Polaris Psyche, you may begin your questioning."
Polaris stood up and faced Wonderette. "Wonderette, what state were you in when you went out into the forest with the accused? Have you ingested any fermented beverage that may have impaired your judgment?" he asked.
"I was as clear-minded as I was when I first entered the tavern," Wonderette answered. "I have not drank anything that night except for a little water."
"How close were you to the village when this alleged assault took place?" Polaris asked.
"I was only several paces from the north end clearing, when Empath picked a spot for the both of us to sit alone together," Wonderette answered.
"And about the dress you were wearing," Polaris said. "If you claim that Empath had forced you to undress, then what explains the rip in your dress?"
"Empath tried to force himself upon me while I was still wearing the dress, but as he could not get it off in the state he was in, he tore it and said that I should undress if I was to please him," Wonderette said.
"This smurf never even touched her like that!" Empath cried out.
"Order!" Papa Smurf said, banging the gavel. "Empath, control your outbursts or I will smurf you guilty of contempt of the court."
"How long did this assault upon you supposedly last, in your estimation?" Polaris asked.
"I don't know," Wonderette said. "It could have been a minute or so."
"And did you go directly to Smurfette's house after you dressed yourself when the assault had ended?" Polaris asked.
"YES!" Wonderette said. "I did not go anywhere else that night, except to Papa Smurf's house with Smurfette after I have told her what happened. Why are you asking me these things? You know that I didn't do anything!"
"We are only trying to ascertain the events pertaining to this case, nothing more," Polaris said. "Your Honor, this one has no other questions."
"Very well," Papa Smurf said. "Wonderette, you may step down and return to your seat."
"Thank you," Wonderette said, smiling. She got up and took her seat next to Smurfette, who smiled at her to show her support. Most of the other Smurfs applauded her for her testimony.
"Polaris Psyche, you may now present the accused," Papa Smurf said.
Most of the Smurfs booed and hissed as Empath got up and took his seat beside the judge. "Do you solemnly smurf that you will smurf the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?" Papa Smurf asked.
"Yes, this smurf does, Your Honor," Empath answered.
"Very well," Papa Smurf said. "Polaris, you may begin your questioning."
"Empath, where were you on the night before today?" Polaris asked.
"This smurf was at Tapper's Tavern, enjoying some drinks with Smurfette," Empath answered.
"Besides Smurfette, was there any other Smurf you were with that night?" Polaris asked.
"The only other Smurf I was with that night was Wonderette," Empath answered.
"And what were you doing on that night with Wonderette when the assault happened?" Polaris asked.
"Wonderette asked for this smurf to dance with her, and so we danced, and then she forced a kiss on this smurf. This smurf felt such an attraction to Wonderette that we left the tavern together. We both walked toward the outer edges of the village and found a place to be alone with each other. Then we kissed passionately, and during that time Wonderette became rather aggressive. She tried to force this smurf to...mate with her, but this smurf refused, and so she used her magic to undress this smurf and pin this smurf to the ground, unable to do anything. Then she mounted herself upon me, and just...forced me into her," Empath explained.
"That is entirely made up!" Wonderette cried out.
"Order!" Papa Smurf said, banging the gavel.
"Empath, how long were you in the condition where Wonderette had forced you to lie spread-eagled in a state of undress?" Polaris asked.
"This smurf can say that it was about a few minutes or so, including the time when she dressed herself and left," Empath answered. "The assault took a lot of physical strength out of this smurf, as this smurf resisted the urges to the best of this smurf's ability. This smurf was found in that condition when you came for me, Polaris."
"Very good," Polaris said. "This one has no other questions, Your Honor."
"Very well," Papa Smurf said. "Smurfette, you may begin your questioning."
Smurfette got up and faced Empath. "Empath, how many drinks of any fermented beverage have you smurfed that night when you were with me in the tavern?" she asked.
"This smurf only had one glass of sarsaparilla ale, as this smurf customarily has," Empath answered.
"So was your judgment impaired by anything you have smurfed that night?" Smurfette asked.
"This smurf was in a relaxed mood, but not impaired to the point where this smurf would lose any sense of judgment," Empath answered.
"So you claim that my client has magical powers, and that she has forced you to lie smurf-eagled on the ground without any clothes?" Smurfette said. "How can you be sure that your judgment wasn't impaired when that supposedly happened?"
"This smurf would never lie about that!" Empath said. "Wonderette was acting out of control, forcing this smurf to perform an act with her that this smurf has plainly refused to go along with, and she ended up taking the whole matter into her own hands and forced herself upon me."
"That sounds like a typical thing that a male Smurf would say to cover his own smurfs in a situation like this, wouldn't it?" Smurfette asked.
"Objection, Your Honor," Polaris said. "The prosecutor is presenting her own personal feelings about the situation as a question to the accused."
"Sustained!" Papa Smurf said. "Smurfette, please smurf your feelings about the situation under control."
Smurfette felt as if she had nothing more to say. "I have no more questions to ask, Your Honor," she said.
"Very well," Papa Smurf said. "Empath, you may return to your seat. This court will be in recess while I review the testimonies presented to me, and then I will present the final verdict shortly."
Empath watched as Papa Smurf got up from his seat and received the notes of the testimonies from Poet, who recorded everything that was said during the case. Most of the other Smurfs just got up from their seats and grumbled among themselves about they think the final verdict will be.
"I surely wouldn't want to be in your smurfs in this case, laddie," Duncan said as he and Tapper met with Empath. "That dress is smurfing evidence that you smurfed something very unsmurfy with that lassie last night."
"But you don't believe that this smurf did what Wonderette accused this smurf of last night now, do you?" Empath asked.
"I don't believe it even for a minute, my good Empath," Tapper said. "I know what kind of Smurf you truly are, and so does Duncan. You would never smurf anything to hurt a fair maiden like that, even if she is someone as forward as Wonderette."
"But if Papa Smurf comes back with a guilty verdict against this smurf, then this smurf is finished being a member of the Smurf Village," Empath said.
"We will face whatever verdict Papa smurfs down to you like Smurfsmen, laddie," Duncan said.
"I wouldn't say that the battle is over yet, my friend," Tapper said. "The Almighty knows what kind of situation you are in, and like Joseph you are accused of smurfing a wrong that you're not guilty of. I have sensed throughout the entire proceeding that things are being manipulated against you, and the source of that manipulation is magic."
"Magic?" Empath said. "But how do we convince Papa Smurf and the other Smurfs that this Wonderette is using magic, when not even Smurfette believes this smurf?"
"You just need to trust that the Almighty has you covered, Empath," Tapper said. "Eventually the truth will out itself, and you will be vindicated of whatever wrong you are accused of."

After an hour, the Smurfs reconvened in the village square to hear the rest of the court case. "All rise, for the Most Honorable Papa Smurf is here to deliver the final verdict," Brainy announced.
Papa Smurf took his seat as judge again. "You may all be seated," he said. After all the Smurfs have sat down again, he continued. "Based on the testimonies that were presented this morning and on the only piece of evidence available to examine for the case of the alleged assault of the accused on the accuser, I have no choice but to declare Empath Smurf guilty on all charges of sexual misconduct. And so, with a heavy heart, I will now declare the sentence of..."
"Hold the declaration!" a voice boomed out with all authority and power.
Every Smurf turned to see who spoke in such a voice, and they saw a Smurf who was wearing a light blue suit and tie along with a pair of sunglasses. He had a very stoic expression about him that made him look like what he was here for was strictly business.
"Who are you that interrupts this sentencing?" Papa Smurf asked.
"My name is Attorney Smurf, and I am here to present a counter-claim to the one that was presented by the accuser, Wonderette Smurfette, to the accused, Empath Smurf," he answered. "My claim is that the accuser is not who she claims herself to be and is actually using this court case to manipulate events within it to destroy the innocent reputation of the accused."
"Objection, Your Honor!" Smurfette called out. "You have already declared Empath to be guilty. Why do we need to delay the sentencing?"
"YES! LET THE JUDGMENT STAND!" most of the Smurfs said together.
"Objection is overruled for now," Papa Smurf said. "Attorney Smurf, can you testify before the court that what you are claiming about the accuser is true, and can you prove it?"
"I believe that I can, Your Honor," Attorney Smurf said. "If I may call Wonderette to the witness stand, I will proceed with the questioning, which should not take much time."
"Don't do it, Papa Smurf," Brainy warned. "It may be a trick."
Papa Smurf stroked his beard in thought. Then he said, "Wonderette, you are called to stand as a witness before Attorney Smurf."
Wonderette looked fearful as she went to the witness stand. She felt as if everything about her life was about to be exposed before the Smurfs.
"Wonderette, do you solemnly smurf that you will smurf the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?" Papa Smurf asked.
"I do, Your Honor," Wonderette said.
"Very well," Papa Smurf said. "Attorney, you may begin your questioning."
Attorney calmly approached Wonderette at the witness stand, then took off his glasses and stared straight into her eyes. "Wonderette, will you please state your true identity and your true purpose here in the village?" he asked.
Wonderette felt the piercing gaze of Attorney, like he was reading right into her soul, convicting her and compelling her to answer truthfully. "My name is Hogatha, and I am disguised as a female Smurf named Wonderette, and my purpose here is to destroy all you Smurfs with my feminine charms," she answered. "I used this form to rape Empath and I purposely used my magic to make all you Smurfs believe that Empath has raped me in order to vilify him."
"Objection, Your Honor!" Smurfette said. "Attorney Smurf is using some kind of mental manipulation to make my client confess to something that isn't true."
"Sustained," Papa Smurf said. To Attorney, he said, "Is there a point to the line of questioning you are leading the witness to?"
"There is, Papa Smurf, and in a moment you will see for yourself that there is evidence to back up my claim," Attorney said. Then to Wonderette, he said, "Hogatha, reveal your true self as you actually appear."
Wonderette felt compelled again to wave her arms in the air, and as she did, everybody saw her transform from the beautiful Smurf that she was into the dumpy old witch that they recognized all too well.
Every Smurf gasped when they saw her. "HOGATHA!"
"I knew it!" Brainy cried out. "I knew this whole thing was a trick!"
"Surprise, my little blue fools," Hogatha said, snorting and laughing. "You have found out who I truly am. And now that I am back to my original form, it's time that I change back to my original size and capture you all."
"That will be impossible for you to do, Hogatha," Attorney said.
"And why is that?" Hogatha asked.
"Because your powers will no longer work while I am here," Attorney said.
"Oh, bullfrogs, you're just saying that to intimidate me," Hogatha said as she waved her hands in the air to try performing a magic spell, only to find that nothing happened. "Uh-oh," she said to herself.
"Smurfs, seize her!" Papa Smurf commanded.
Hefty and Duncan immediately grabbed her and took her away from the witness stand. "Please, please, I can explain everything," Hogatha pleaded.
"You were trying to hurt Empath in order to smurf back at us!" Smurfette said.
"And you certainly weren't smurfing like a proper lassie when you smurfed that, either," Duncan said.
"We should have smurfed you when we had the chance, Hogatha," Hefty said.
"Peace, my fellow Smurfs, there's no need to be violent," Attorney said. "I will simply take Hogatha out of the village and back to her own place so that she will not cause anymore problems with you. Is that right, Hogatha?"
Hogatha hated being around Attorney, as he felt like an unyielding force of justice. "Oh, yes, of course, my dear little Smurfs," Hogatha said. "Your old dear Aunt Hogatha will never bother anyone of you ever again."
"Just who are you, Attorney Smurf?" Papa Smurf asked.
"I'm simply a deliverer of divine justice, Papa Smurf," Attorney answered. "And now I must depart and deliver Hogatha away from this place, in the hope that she will amend of her evil ways in the future."
And so, with Attorney holding onto Hogatha's hand, the two of them disappeared right before the Smurfs' eyes.
Papa Smurf sighed, as if he had seen everything. "According to the new evidence that was presented in this court case near its closing, I hereby declare that this court case is a mistrial, and that Empath Smurf is innocent of all charges that were smurfed against him," Papa Smurf said. "This court is adjourned."
And with that, Papa Smurf banged the gavel, ending the session.