"Streams Of Sarsaparilla Ale"

Song by Vic George
Based on the melody of "Good King Wenceslas"

              feeling the buzz from his smurfnip!

Streams of sarsaparilla ale, flowing down like rivers,
Smurfs relief from our travail, from our blessed givers.
Makes each day a holiday, smurfing up our spirits.
Smurfs comfort when we are down, when no one else will hear it.

Smurfs like sarsaparilla ale, 'cause it's brown and foamy,
Gets them really drunk while they smurf out with their homeys.
One good thing about the ale, it's got lots of flavor.
You can drink it really fast or slow enough to savor.

So smurf your glass and smurf it up 'til it's overflowing,
Smurf it down in one big gulp, just to keep it going.
Smurf another glass of ale, up to three or four, and,
Smurf until you can't smurf straight, just to beat the boredom.

Come to Tapper's, have a glass, you will not regret it.
Have too many, by the morn, you will just forget it.
It's the best ale in the world, great for low and high times.
Best of all, the ale comes free; it won't cost a single dime.

An additional verse is added for Christmas.

'Tis the time of year for us to celebrate its passing.
Smurf each one a glass of ale, all the lads and lassies.
Smurf your glass and make a toast, for the year before us.
May we sing of better times in our smurfy chorus.

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