Writer's Notes On "Papa Smurf & Mama Smurfette"

The story deals with a rather perverse subject about a cultural taboo to show the dangerous logical extension of Peyo originally attaching Papa Smurf with an amorous affection for Smurfette, that such a relationship in the context of the Smurfs cartoon universe would have effects on the other Smurfs to the point where they may even question Papa Smurf's ability to effectively lead the village. It wasn't meant to be entertaining in the sense of delving into the rather delicate and intimate elements that would attend such a relationship for satisfying one's curiosity in the matter of the sexually perverse, as I do not find it enjoyable to be writing such pornographic material that does not belong in the context of this universe of characters. As with "Papa's Big Crush", morality must remain the guiding principle behind the actions of the Smurfs, and I intend to honor that in any way possible.

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