Part 5

As the story continued, Empath and Polaris saw that one day after the Smurfstock Festival that the male adult Smurfs were gathered around outside Tapper's Tavern for an arm-wrestling match. They were watching Handy and Hefty struggling in the match to push the other's arm down, and the match was going either way for both contestants. Some of the Smurfs were rooting for Handy, while some were rooting for Hefty.
Meanwhile, the three boy Smurflings were sitting on the back of Puppy trying to get a better view of the match when Tapper came out with a tray of drinks for the watchers and participants. "So how goes the wrestling match for the lads, my fellow Smurflings?" Tapper asked.
"I couldn't tell which of the two is going to win...either Handy or Hefty," Slouchy said.
"Well, I'm betting that Hefty's going to win this match, Tapper," Snappy said.
"And I'm betting that Handy's going to win it," Nat said.
"Hefty's the stronger of the two, Nat," Snappy said. "He's going to win this no matter what."
"That's what you think, Snap," Nat said.
And soon, Hefty pushed Handy's arm down onto the table, and the Smurfs in the crowd rooting for Hefty cheered when they saw that their champion won. Soon Duncan took Handy's place on the table and locked hands with Hefty.
"Now this match is going to smurf a while, lads, because Hefty's now going against my friend Duncan," Tapper said.
"Why does Hefty keep calling him Gutsy, Tapper?" Slouchy asked.
"Oh, it's because Hefty doesn't like my friend smurfing up to him whenever he smurfs something bullheaded, my fellow Slouchy," Tapper said. "I would not dare call him Gutsy, but I do see how that nickname fits him quite well."
"Yeah, well, he's got to have a lot of guts to keep smurfing up to Hefty in anything, Tapper," Snappy said.
"Hey, there's Smurfette, you Smurfs," Nat said as he noticed Smurfette just passing by, looking rather downhearted. "I wonder what's wrong with her."
"And why doesn't she want to talk to her fellow Smurfs?" Snappy asked.
"I feel in my spirit that there's something bothering her that she doesn't feel comfortable telling her fellow Smurfs for whatever reason," Tapper said, feeling his heart going out to her.
"Maybe she might feel better if she smurfed her problem with us," Slouchy said.
"I would be careful with asking her about her problems if I were you, my fellow Smurflings," Tapper said. "There are just some things that a Smurfette might not want to smurf with a male Smurf, no matter what the age."
The Smurflings followed Smurfette until she was near the edge of the forest, where she just hung her head and stared out into the wilderness with a longing look on her face. "Excuse me, Smurfette," Nat politely said.
"What?" Smurfette said as she turned and saw that it was just the Smurflings. "Oh, it's you three. I thought that it might be Tapper or Papa Smurf."
"We just want to know why you're smurfing so down today, Smurfette," Snappy said. "Is there something wrong with you?"
"I don't know if you can fully understand how I feel, Smurflings, but the truth is that I'm rather lonely for another female Smurf to be my friend...someone that I can share all my favorite smurfy things to do as a female Smurf," Smurfette said. "I feel so jealous that the male Smurfs all have other male Smurfs to be their friend, but there isn't anything that can be done about it."
"I'm sorry to hear that, Smurfette," Slouchy said. "I just wish that there was something we can do to make you feel smurfy."
Smurfette sighed. "It's something that I'll have to get used to in time. Right now I just need to be alone with myself."
The Smurflings decided to give Smurfette her space and left her alone. As they walked on together, Snappy said, "I don't get it. Why is she the only female Smurf in this village?"
"If I knew the answer to that question, Snap, I would have smurfed you," Slouchy said.
"But someone here does know," Nat said. "We should ask Papa Smurf that question."

And so the Smurflings went to Papa Smurf, who was busy looking at the things in his laboratory that needed straightening out. "Why, hello there, my little Smurflings," Papa Smurf greeted. "What smurfs to be on your mind today?"
"Papa Smurf, we just need to know why there's only one female Smurf in the village," Nat said.
"Oh, that question," Papa Smurf said. "You see, Smurfette is a very special Smurf who was originally created by Gargamel the wizard about four years before you smurfed here."
"Gargamel created her?" Snappy asked. "And you don't know what the formula was that he used to smurf her?"
"No, Snappy, I don't," Papa Smurf said. "Is there a reason you're asking me this question?"
"We were curious, that's all, Papa Smurf," Slouchy said. "Come on, Smurflings, let's smurf somewhere else."
Papa Smurf looked at the Smurflings in wonder about their question. He had a feeling that there was more than just curiosity that made them interested in asking such a question, but he had no idea of what other reason there may be for the question.

Meanwhile, outside the village, Miner was busy with Smithy working on digging for some important metals that the village blacksmith needed for his daily craft.
"Have you noticed how upset Smurfette's been smurfing lately, Miner?" Smithy asked.
"Aye, the poor lassie's got something on her mind, but why she isn't telling any Smurf about it, I don't have a single clue," Miner said.
"Don't smurf me wrong, Miner...I do love Smurfette, and I think she's a smurfy friend and all, but it smurfs like she's expecting something of us Smurfs that we can't give her," Smithy said.
"If you're smurfing about marriage, trust me, she's still looking for the right Smurf to come along to make her smurfy," Miner said.
"I don't think it's marriage that she's looking for this time, Miner," Smithy said. "It may be that she's smurfing for a female friend, but the only female friends she has are Laconia, Mother Nature, the Pussywillow Pixies..."
"You mean that she wants a female Smurf friend," Miner said. "Aye, we would have to be smurfing into Gargamel's lair in order to be smurfing up another..."
Suddenly there was a crack in the wall that Miner had struck his pickaxe at, and the crack opened to reveal a crystal with someone trapped inside it. "Smurfin' Begorra...what do you smurf inside that crystal, Smithy?" he asked.
Smithy looked and saw someone in the crystal that he recognized. "It can't be...after all these years...that girl Smurfling that smurfed away from home..."
"Sassette," Miner said. "Somehow she's been trapped in this crystal for a hundred years, and it's kept her smurfing like this ever since. We've got to smurf her out of there and bring her to Papa Smurf."
"Be careful, Miner," Smithy said. "I'm not sure what this crystal is smurfed of."
"Stand back, laddie," Miner said as he got himself ready to swing the pickaxe into the crystal that held the orange-haired female Smurfling. But the instant the point of the pickaxe struck the crystal, it caused such an energy discharge that it disintegrated the pickaxe entirely and knocked Miner on his back.
"Miner, are you all right?" Smithy asked.
"I'm feeling okay, but I'm going to be needing another pickaxe," Miner said, picking himself up. "Whatever kind of crystal that is, no ordinary tool is going to smurf through it. We'd better dig it out of there and smurf it to Papa Smurf. Maybe he will know of some way to make the crystal smurf into pieces."
"I can only wonder who was it that smurfed Sassette into this crystal years ago, Miner," Smithy said.
"I'm not sure if I'd want to be satisfying my curiosity smurfing for the answer to that question, Smithy," Miner said.

As Miner and Smithy were busy digging out the crystal that Sassette was trapped in, the boy Smurflings were heading out into the forest. "So what's the plan that we have for making Smurfette feel smurfy?" Nat asked.
"It's simple," Snappy said. "We smurf into this Gargamel's house and look through his spell books for the formula that he used to create Smurfette, then we smurf the page of the formula back to the village and use Papa Smurf's laboratory to create another Smurfette."
"I don't know about this plan, or even the idea of smurfing to this Gargamel for any formula if he's supposed to be our enemy," Slouchy said.
"Either we're in this together or we're not, Slouchy," Snappy said. "Now come on and let's go find where he smurfs."
Soon they found a small run-down hovel near the edge of the forest, and in that hovel they could hear a human voice. "Azrael, sit still and let me bathe you," the voice said. "We can't let you go to Mummy's house looking and smelling the way you are, even though going there for dinner is the last thing that I ever want to do."
The Smurflings hid themselves behind a tree and watched as Azrael the cat came running out of the house, looking all wet. "Azrael!" the human shouted as he came running out to chase after his cat. "You miserable ingrate! I'm going to trade you for a dog if you don't come back here!"
"That must be him!" Snappy said. "This Gargamel certainly looks too stupid to be a powerful wizard!"
"Come on, let's smurf these plants to camouflage ourselves so we can smurf in the front door while Gargamel chases after his cat," Nat suggested.
The three of them pulled up some plants and used them as cover while they sneaked their way into the castle. So far they could see no signs of Gargamel returning either alone or with Azrael.
"Whew...we made it," Slouchy said as soon as they got inside. "Now let's look for the formula and smurf ourselves out of here."
And so the Smurflings looked through all of Gargamel's parchments and spell books for the formula used to create Smurfette. Soon enough, Nat said, "Here it is!"
Slouchy and Snappy gathered around the book to see the page marked SMURFETTE FORMULA, and next to the description of the formula on the same page was a crudely-drawn image of Smurfette.
"So this is what Smurfette looked like when Gargamel created her?" Snappy said, sticking out his tongue. "Eeewwww...I can't imagine this is what she used to be before she became beautiful."
"I wonder if Papa Smurf is responsible for making Smurfette beautiful with his magic," Slouchy said.
"Who knows?" Nat said. "We need to smurf this formula to Papa Smurf's laboratory right away if we're going to smurf it."
"Let's smurf the page with us," Snappy said, tearing the page with the formula out of the book and rolling it up before the three of them left.
The Smurflings disappeared into the forest just before Gargamel returned with Azrael. "Just you wait until we get to Mummy's house, Azrael," he yelled. "You're going to regret it just as much as I will, if not even more." He then entered his hovel and noticed something. "I smell that a Smurf has been in here."
As he looked around for where that Smurf might be, Azrael noticed that one of his master's spell books was open, and a page from it has been torn out. He directed Gargamel's attention to the book, which he then recognized what it was.
"My spell for creating Smurfette...the Smurfs must have stolen it!" Gargamel said as soon as he recognized what spell book had the torn page. "Ooooh, if there's one thing that I detest, it's the thought that the Smurfs are going to use it to create another Smurfette for their village, especially after the one that I created became a horrible little traitor after Papa Smurf changed her into a real Smurf."
Azrael made a face as if he too detested the thought of another Smurfette.
Then a thought came into Gargamel's mind. "But wait a minute...if they're going to create another Smurfette, they're going to need the blue clay from Squeamy Squirming Grotto in order to make it. That means that I'd better get to that place before they do with a spell that will change the blue clay into a weapon that I can use against the Smurfs."
He laughed maliciously at the thought of how he was going to alter the Smurfs' plans for creating another Smurfette.

Back in the Smurf Village, Miner and Smithy delivered the crystal containing Sassette to Papa Smurf's laboratory, where the village leader saw for himself the little girl Smurfling who was trapped inside.
"Amazing, simply amazing," Papa Smurf said while stroking his beard. "And you say that you weren't able to break the crystal?"
"Aye, Papa Smurf, and my poor little pickaxe suffered because of it," Miner said. "I'd be thinking that the crystal must be smurfed of some kind of magic."
"A magic crystal," Papa Smurf said to himself while pondering the situation. "I may have just the thing for shattering that type of crystal." He then looked into one of his closets for that item, and then he found it. "Ah, here it's a magic tuning fork. All I have to do is smurf it a single strike, and it should be enough to make the crystal shatter. If it doesn't work...then I guess we'll just have to find something else to use."
"Papa Smurf! Papa Smurf!" Handy cried out as he entered the laboratory. "There's been an accident at the dam! We need your help!"
"Smurfin' Begorra! This sounds more serious than trying to smurf this wee lassie out of the crystal!" Miner said.
"I agree, Miner," Papa Smurf said. "We'll smurf back to this problem a little later. Right now, we'd better smurf out what's going on at the dam before things smurf from bad to worse."
"Yes, Papa Smurf, we're smurfing with you," Smithy said as he and Miner followed Papa Smurf out of the laboratory and toward the village dam.
After a while, the Smurflings returned to the village and carefully looked around and inside Papa Smurf's laboratory. "Everything's clear, you Smurfs," Nat said.
"Good, then let's smurf through all the ingredients that we need to make ourselves another Smurfette," Snappy said as he, Nat, and Slouchy entered the laboratory with the page from Gargamel's spell book.
"Hey, Smurfs, look at what's in here," Slouchy said, pointing to the crystal with the girl Smurfling inside.
The three of them looked and saw for themselves what was in the crystal. "Holy hickory nuts, I wonder how this even happened," Nat said as he stared in wonder.
"I don't know, but if there was a girl Smurfling in the village all this time, it made our smurfing to Gargamel's place to smurf the spell for creating another Smurfette a wasted effort," Snappy said.
"There's got to be some way that we can break the crystal and have her smurf to life," Slouchy said.
"Look, there's a tuning fork on Papa Smurf's table," Nat said as he saw the object. "Maybe by smurfing it, we can shatter the crystal and free her."
"I don't know about that, Nat," Slouchy said. "Papa Smurf may not like us smurfing around with anything in his laboratory."
"Ah, who cares about that?" Snappy said. "We got ourselves a friend for both us and Smurfette to smurf out of that crystal. I'd say let's just use it."
"Well, here goes," Nat said, as he struck the tuning fork against the table. With the sound of its vibrations, the three Smurflings saw that the crystal slowly started to crack until it was completely broken.
The girl Smurfling opened her eyes and saw who was with her wherever she was. "Okay, who are you three, and what am I smurfing here?" she demanded.
"Well, we're the Smurflings," Nat answered. "My name is Nat, and these are my friends Snappy and Slouchy. And you are..."
"I'm nobody you need to know about, suckers," the girl Smurfling said with a nasty chuckle as she threw one of Papa Smurf's pots over Snappy's head and then ran out of the laboratory, looking for other kinds of trouble to cause.
"Uh-oh, now I think we're in really deep smurf here," Slouchy said.
"Let's smurf after her, Smurfs," Nat said, as Snappy pulled the pot off his head and joined the other two in chasing after the girl Smurfling.

Meanwhile, Gargamel was at the place called Squeamy Squirming Grotto, which looked like a horrible place with snakes and all sorts of dangerous creatures lurking about. Gargamel didn't like the thought of being here, and neither did Azrael, but he knew that the Smurfs will venture into this place to seek the blue clay they need for creating another Smurfette.
"Here it is," Gargamel said, looking at the mound of blue clay lying in a culvert. "Now it's time to cast the spell...Abracadasprootch Dzeemerli Tock!" Suddenly the blue clay began to glow as the spell was cast upon it. "There! Now any bit of this clay that is exposed to the rays of the noonday sun, whether Papa Smurf changes this Smurfette into a real Smurf or not, will go KABOOM!" He laughed at this particular outcome that he hoped would happen soon.

Back in the village, though, Sassette was wreaking havoc wherever she went. She made Tuffy drop a weight on his foot when she tickled him so hard that it made him laugh. She caused Greedy to slip and fall while he was carrying one of his smurfberry dessert cakes for him to enjoy. She took Painter's picture that he was working on and made him wear the canvas frame. She was pulling up all sorts of plants in Farmer's garden. She took Brainy's glasses and spilled ink all over the pages of the book he was working on. And all the while, she was laughing at all the mayhem she had caused.
Papa Smurf had come into the village with Handy, Miner, and Smithy after dealing with the accident at the village dam to see most of his little Smurfs gathering around him. "Papa Smurf, you've got to do something about this terrible little girl Smurf who smurfed my glasses and made a mess of everything," Brainy said, still trying to find his way around the village.
"Oui, oui, Papa Smurf," Painter said, agreeing with Brainy. "That little Smurfette is really sassy."
"Someone must have smurfed into your laboratory while we were gone and smurfed Sassette from the crystal, Papa Smurf," Miner said.
"But who would be foolish enough to smurf that?" Smithy asked.
Just then, the boy Smurflings ran straight into Papa Smurf. "Just what is going on here?" he demanded. "And how did that little girl Smurf get out of that crystal?"
"Crystal? You mean the one that we...uh, smurfed with that tuning fork of yours?" Snappy asked, sounding like he didn't want to answer that question.
"You broke the crystal?" Miner said, sounding very surprised.
"And you smurfed into Papa Smurf's laboratory to do that?" Handy added.
"We'll deal with this problem later, my little Smurfs," Papa Smurf said. "For now, we need to find this Sassette and get her to smurf to her senses somehow."
"Sassette? That's her name, Papa Smurf?" Nat asked.
"There's no time to answer your questions, Smurflings," Papa Smurf said. "Follow me."

Meanwhile, Smurfette was sitting by the riverside, still feeling sad and lonely for the lack of a female Smurf that she could be friends with, when suddenly she saw a spider lowering itself down on a thread toward her face. Smurfette looked at the spider and screamed, causing her to fall into the river.
"Heh heh heh heh heh...I guess that you scare pretty easily, blondie," another female voice said.
Smurfette rose up from the water and saw that there was another female Smurf, only this one looked the same age as the Smurflings. "You! How can you be so cruel to another Smurf like that?" she yelled.
"What were you expecting, a friend?" the little girl Smurf said in a mocking tone. "My name is Sassette, and I am...I am..." Suddenly Smurfette noticed that the child's demeanor had changed, that she went from being cruel to just being confused. "Uh, what happened? Where am I? Who are you?"
Smurfette climbed out of the water to deal with the little girl Smurfling. "Oh, I'm sorry, Sassette, I don't know what's happened to you, but that doesn't mean that we can't be friends," she said gently. "My name is Smurfette, and you're near the Smurf Village."
"You're a Smurf?" Sassette asked, curious to know. "Then what does that make me?"
"You're a Smurf too, Sassette," Smurfette said. "I don't know how you smurfed into being, but I'm glad to be able to meet you."
Just then, Papa Smurf showed up with the Smurflings to see Smurfette with Sassette. "Smurfette, are you all right?" Papa Smurf asked.
"I'm fine, Papa Smurf," Smurfette said. "I'm just meeting Sassette for the first time. She seemed so cruel at first, but now she's suddenly all friendly."
"I'm sorry about that, Smurfette," Sassette said. "I just don't know what smurfed over me or even what happened. And I don't know who any of you are."
"We're the Smurfs, Sassette," Papa Smurf said. "I'm Papa Smurf, and these three are Nat, Snappy, and Slouchy. I'm sure the other Smurfs would very much want to meet you."
"Yeah, right, after what Sassette did to them, I'm not sure that they'd want to be friends with her," Snappy whispered to his fellow Smurflings.
"Oh, we're going to be very smurfy friends together, Sassette," Smurfette said, hugging her. "There's so much that I would like to share with you."
"Right now I just want to know who everybody is in the village, Smurfette," Sassette said. "And then maybe we can smurf together and do things, won't we, Pappy Smurf?"
"Pappy Smurf?" Papa Smurf said, not sure if he liked being called that.