Part 1

Empath's personal journal.
Today we're celebrating what could be called the birthdays of Nat, Snappy, and Slouchy, but actually it's their anniversary of being members of the Smurf Village. Since the three of them never had any official birthdays since they've been on Smurfling Island, Papa Smurf decided to designate the day of their arrival as their official birthday, which to them made some amount of sense if only because they couldn't remember on what day any of them were born. In any case, most of the Smurfs are glad that the Smurflings, including Sassette, are now part of our everyday lives...although Brainy Smurf still has problems trying to deal with the boy Smurflings having to tease him all the time for his supposed lack of intelligence. Despite this, Brainy tries to show in his own little way that he does care for the Smurflings and to prove himself to be a very useful role model.

Every Smurf had gathered around the X-shaped table in the center of the village, singing "Happy Smurfday To You" while Greedy brought out the birthday cake for Nat, Snappy, and Slouchy to blow out together. Polaris Psyche was sitting with Empath, watching silently without singing along, as the three boy Smurflings blew out all their candles when the cake arrived and all the adult Smurfs cheered for them.
"So how old does that make us now, Papa Smurf?" Nat asked.
"Well, that's a hard one to figure out," Papa Smurf said as he stroked his beard. "I would say that all three of you must be at least 50 years old since you first became members of the Smurf Village, and now it's been two years since that time, so that would make you...I believe, 52 years old."
"52 years old?" Snappy said. "I feel old enough to apply for senior discounts around the Smurf Village."
"There's just one problem with that, Snap...the Smurfs don't even use money since the time that they tried smurfing the money system," Slouchy said.
"Maybe they should bring back the money system, because then I would have a reason to start smurfing up money for when I'm around Papa Smurf's age," Snappy said.
"Anyway, Papa Smurf, we thank you that you allowed us to smurf with you for the past few years in your village," Nat said. "It feels smurfy to know that we can someday become big Smurfs like you and everyone else here."
"Our home will always be your home, Nat," Papa Smurf said. "We couldn't be more pleased to know that you and your friends have been welcome additions to our family."
Puppy barked out something that the Smurflings understood. "Don't forget that it's also Puppy's anniversary of smurfing into the village, Pappy Smurf," Sassette said.
Papa Smurf chuckled. "Of course we won't, Sassette. The village just wouldn't be the same if Puppy wasn't part of our lives since he came here from Homnibus' home a few years ago," Papa Smurf said.
"Well, since it's your birthdays today, I would like for you three to have a copy of my latest Quotations Of Brainy Smurf For Smurflings, signed and autosmurfed by yours truly, so that you can grow to be just as wise and intelligent as I am," Brainy said, handing Nat, Snappy, and Slouchy each a copy of the book.
"Gee, thanks, Brainy," Nat said as he received his copy. "I'm sure that the three of us will know just what to do with this smurfday present."
"I sure do, Nat, although the problem is what to do about the ink that smurfs off on my behind when I have to relieve myself in the outhouse," Snappy said, as the other three Smurflings laughed.
"Now, now, my fellow Smurflings, that's not a nice thing to do with a gift that smurfs straight from Brainy's heart," Tapper said. "You sure wouldn't be treating the words of the Almighty with the same disregard as you would your fellow Brainy's smurfs of wisdom now, would you?"
"I wouldn't be smurfing that to the Almighty's words, Tapper, even if I don't understand a good deal of what he smurfs," Sassette said.
"You will understand in good time if you're patient enough to let the Almighty illumine in your heart, mind, and spirit what He wants to smurf into your life, my little Sassette," Tapper said. "For now, I would like to smurf a blessing to the three Smurflings Nat, Snappy, and Slouchy that they would grow in wisdom and understanding, that they would not smurf their youth for granted as they become what the Almighty has intended for them to be as grown-up Smurfs. And so with these words that I smurf unto the lads and their fellow sister, I pray. Amen."
"Amen," all the Smurfs at the table said together as they bowed their heads during the blessing.
"This one is curious to know about how the Smurflings first became part of the village, starting with the day that the boys have arrived here from the island they came from," Polaris said.
"Well, that is quite a story to tell, Polaris, which I'm sure all of us would be able to tell together, since this started on the day in early summer when we were smurfing ready for the Smurfstock Festival," Papa Smurf said.
"This smurf would also like to hear the whole story straight from the beginning as well, Papa Smurf," Empath said.
"Of course, Empath," Papa Smurf said. "I would not wish to smurf you out of hearing of this story which I'm sure every Smurf present was a witness to."

As Papa Smurf began telling the story, Empath and Polaris could see that Papa Smurf was busy in his laboratory early in the morning doing an experiment. "...and two drops of smurfapirium smurfimus...there! I carefully smurf everything! And then I wait until the sandglass smurfs out before I smurf in the!" He turned the sandglass over to begin the counting of time. "I must not make a single mistake! A little too early or a little too late, I could smurf an explosion on my hands."
As Papa Smurf held the reagent in one hand and the sandglass in another, there suddenly came a loud cacophonous sound of music that blasted through the windows, startling Papa Smurf and causing him to drop the sandglass. "What the...? My sandglass is broken!" He looked at the broken sandglass on the floor, and then quickly turned back toward the mixture in the pestle on the table. "How much time is left? Five...four...three...too bad, here it smurfs...two..."
Papa Smurf poured the reagent into the mixture, which suddenly caused an explosion in the laboratory, shattering some of the nearby vials and tubes on the table. He was able to regain consciousness when he still heard the sound of loud music pouring in and wondered what was going on.
He left his laboratory and saw that Brainy was conducting the village symphony orchestra very early in the morning. He was so focused on his job as the conductor that he could faintly hear Papa Smurf call his name until the village leader ended up shouting it. He suddenly stopped the music and turned to face Papa Smurf. "Oh, Papa Smurf...I'm glad to see that you're up and about," Brainy said. "I just want to thank you for letting me smurf over your job as the conductor of the..."
"Brainy Smurf, what's the meaning of all this noise at this time of the morning?" Papa Smurf demanded to know. "I was in the middle of smurfing on a very crucial experiment that smurfed me all night to finish before this noise smurfed up!"
"Didn't you remember, Papa Smurf?" Brainy said. "The Smurfstock Festival is going to start tomorrow, and I need to get the orchestra smurfing together and smurfing their best if we're going to start smurfing tomorrow night. As you always say, practice is what smurfs things perfect, and we're going to need a whole day of practice if we want the orchestra to smurf in perfect pitch together."
"A whole day of practice?" Papa Smurf said. "Well, of course you're free to practice your music, Brainy...but may I suggest in the future that you don't start your practice sessions until a little later on in the morning."
"Oh, of course, Papa Smurf," Brainy said. "I can see your need for silence in the wee hours of the morning, when you may be busy smurfing in the laboratory on any crucial experiments that require lots of concentration and fastidious timing."
"Thank you, Brainy, for your cooperation," Papa Smurf said, with a sigh of relief before he walked away.
"All right, you Smurfs, let's smurf it straight from the top," Brainy said as he raised up his conductor's baton. "And one...and two...and..."
As the orchestra started up the music playing again, this time sounding a little less cacophonous, Papa Smurf was wondering what to do about his broken sandglass. "I'm going to need to smurf another one from Father Time's workshop, but I'm going to need three Smurfs who aren't busy smurfing anything this morning to..."
"Ah, smurf o' the morning to you, Papa Smurf," Tapper said, as he, Barber, and Sweepy approached the village leader. "We wanted to smurf to you about an idea that the three of us have been smurfing in our minds to smurf together and..."
"Tapper, I'm going to need three Smurfs to pay a visit to Father Time's workshop this morning in order to smurf a replacement for the sandglass that I have broken in my laboratory during a crucial experiment," Papa Smurf said.
"A broken sandglass?" Sweepy said. "Aye, that's a terrible thing for you to smurf for your work, Papa Smurf."
"Well, me and Sweepy have nothing better for either of us to smurf, and I'm sure Tapper wouldn't mind smurfing with us to smurf you a replacement," Barber said.
"Good, my little Smurfs, good," Papa Smurf said. "As long as you Smurfs stay away from anything in his workshop that have anything to do with time, then you should have no problem smurfing me a replacement. Just remember above all else not to touch a single thing, not even the Sands Of Time."
"Aye, Papa Smurf, that we will heed to," Tapper said. "Come along, my friends, we might as well be smurfing to Father Time's to smurf us a new sandglass."
And as Papa Smurf watched the three Smurfs start heading into the forest for Father Time's workshop, Smurfette approached him, looking rather sad. "My poor little Smurfette, what seems to be the problem?" Papa Smurf said as he turned towards her to address her situation.
"Oh, Papa Smurf, it's been four years since I became a real Smurf, and now I'm starting to feel lonely," Smurfette said.
"I don't understand why you should feel that way, Smurfette," Papa Smurf said. "Your fellow Smurfs all seem to care for you."
"I know that they care for me, Papa Smurf, but the thing is is that I'm lonely for the presence of another female Smurf," Smurfette said. "The other male Smurfs are mostly nice to me, but except for Vanity, they can't understand the things that I like to smurf: flowers, pretty dresses, the things that smurf on in a girl's mind. I feel like that part is missing in my life, and I wonder if there's a way you can help me smurf the missing part."
"I'm sorry to hear that, and I wouldn't want you to feel that there's something missing in your life, Smurfette," Papa Smurf said. "The thing're a unique creation of Gargamel that I have managed to smurf into a real Smurf, and even though the spells I have smurfed to smurf you into what you are have worked, it was all a matter of chance. I don't know if I could replicate the same success that I smurfed with you, and frankly I'm rather hesitant in trying to smurf the same spell that Gargamel used to create you in order to create another female Smurf for you to be friends with."
"So you're saying there's nothing you can do to help me feel less lonely for another female Smurf," Smurfette said, realizing what Papa Smurf was saying. "I understand...this is going to smurf some time for me to get used to, but I'll manage. Thank you for listening to me anyway, Papa Smurf."
As Smurfette walked away with the same look of gloominess, Papa Smurf looked at her and felt his heart going out to her. He didn't expect to find himself dealing with a Smurfette's loneliness for another female presence in the village, but apart from doing anything that would violate the safety of the Smurf Village, there just wasn't anything that he could do to fix the problem Smurfette was now faced with. He only hoped that with time he and the other Smurfs might find some way to help ease that part of Smurfette's life that seems to be missing.

Meanwhile, Tapper was talking to Barber and Sweepy on their way to Father Time's workshop. "You think that Papa Smurf would allow us to finally smurf our own music group after years of smurfing part in the village smurphony orchestra, Tapper?" Barber asked.
"I don't see why Papa Smurf would not allow us to smurf so, my fellow Barber," Tapper said. "Piper, Twanger, and Fiddler have smurfed their own little group together, which has smurfed some really good music over the past years during our parties."
"But you have to admit, the music in the village is starting to smurf a little stale, mates," Sweepy said. "There's only so much of yesterday's music that we can smurf listening to on a daily basis."
"I don't mind yesterday's music at all, Sweepy...but our fellow Smurfs may be feeling that a change is in the air for something new to listen to," Barber said.
"Aye, we could use a smurf of inspiration for something that would make the Smurfs feel lively again, though I pray that the Almighty will smurf His hand upon us to deliver the refreshing spring that would smurf us a new tune to listen to, whatever it may be for us," Tapper said.
"Let's see if we can smurf the Barber Smurf Triplet into a success first, mates," Sweepy said.
"And let's hope that we can smurf our group into a full quartet somewhere down the smurf," Barber said.
"There it is, my fellow Smurfs," Tapper said, as he pointed to a fortress near the outskirts of the forest that they recognized as the place where Father Time kept his workshop. "Let's see if the guardian of time is home before we enter." They went up to the door and knocked. "Hello? Father Time? Are you there?" Tapper asked.
Sweepy put his ear to the door. "Well, it smurfs like nobody is home, mates."
"There's a window open over there," Barber said. "Let's smurf in and have a look before we smurf back home to the village."
"I wouldn't want to be tressmurfing into Father Time's workshop if he isn't there, my fellow Smurfs," Tapper warned.
"Ah, why not just have a bit of a smurf through the window to see if the chap is there, mate?" Sweepy said. "If he ain't in there, then we just up and leave right quick."
"I'm with Sweepy on this, Tapper," Barber said. "All we need is just a quick smurf through the window and then we're out of here."
Tapper sighed. He joined Barber and Sweepy as they jumped up onto the windowsill and looked through the open window. There they saw all sorts of timepieces in the workshop, every device known to man and Smurf for telling and recording time.
"Well, at least Father Time knows what the correct time is in the day, you know, mates?" Sweepy jested.
"Hey, smurf at that large grandfather clock with the hands smurfing backwards," Barber pointed out. "I wonder what that's supposed to smurf."
"I don't know, Barber, and I don't want to smurf in there to find out," Tapper said. "Papa Smurf warned us not to touch a thing that's smurfing in Father Time's workshop, since we don't know how that's going to affect time or what smurfs you."
"Papa Smurf is right, mates," Sweepy said. "We're only here to get a replacement sandglass, and if Father Time ain't here to smurf us one, then we'd better smurf back home and wait for the chap to return later on."
"I don't like smurfing back home empty-smurfed, my fellow Sweepy, but it seems that wisdom must prevail in this situation," Tapper said. "Besides, I have a feeling in my spirit that we would have smurfed ourselves in a lot of trouble if curiosity smurfed the better of us to further see what this grandfather clock can smurf."
"It's too bad that Father Time isn't home, Tapper," Barber said as the three of them jumped down from the window and back outside. "I would like to smurf him some questions about that clock with the backwards-smurfing hands."
"You think that whatever goes into that thing will smurf out younger than they were before they smurfed inside?" Sweepy asked in wonder.
"That's one thing we'll never know right now," Tapper said. "Come, let's smurf back home and tell Papa Smurf that Father Time isn't home right now. He may not like having to wait for a replacement, but it's better than the alternative."

In another part of the Smurf Forest, three young boy Smurfs wearing dirty ragged Smurf clothes were wandering aimlessly around, having no idea on which direction to go. "Maybe it's this way to the Smurf Village," one of the boy Smurfs said as he led the group into going another direction.
"Smurf it, Nat, we've been smurfing around in circles trying to find our way to the Smurf Village," another boy Smurf said, sounding rather impatient. "At this rate, Baby Smurf's going to be an old Smurf by the time we get there."
"Maybe one of the Smurfs from the village will find us smurfing out here, Snappy," a third boy Smurf said, sounding rather mellow. "We could just wait out here for who knows how long it will smurf for that to happen."
"You can do the waiting, Slouchy, but I just want to get to the Smurf Village soon," Snappy said. "I'm tired and I'm hungry and I'm sick of wearing these clothes that we smurfed out of Smurfling Island in."
"Wait a minute, you hear something?" the Smurf named Nat asked, silencing the other two.
"Sounds like a dog being chased by two or three other dogs, and the dog being smurfed is in trouble," the Smurf named Slouchy answered.
"Yeah, so what?" Snappy asked.
"Let's go see what's smurfing on and see if we can help that dog smurf out of danger," Nat said as he ran in the direction that he heard the sound coming in.
"Nat, this is just utterly stupid," Snappy said as he followed Nat and Slouchy. "Why don't we worry about finding the village first and then smurf back here and deal with the dog?"
"Because if we do that, then we won't have a dog to worry about smurfing from the other dogs," Nat said. "And I certainly don't want to live with myself knowing that I smurfed nothing."
Snappy reluctantly followed along until they saw a pack of big dogs cornering a small brown puppy wearing a gold collar with a gold heart-shaped locket. The puppy looked fearful as he was backed into a rock wall with no way out.
"Poor puppy," Nat said. "We've got to smurf something together to get those big dogs away from him."
"I'd say we smurf for our own lives first, Nat," Snappy said. "I don't want to be smurfing with those big dogs."
"I'd say we smurf something fast or else the big dogs will smurf after both the puppy and then us," Slouchy said.
"I think I know how we can smurf those big dogs away, Smurfs," Nat said, as he whispered his plan to both Snappy and Slouchy.
Soon the big dogs heard the boy Smurfs saying, "Hey, big stupid dogs! I bet you can't catch any one of us!"
The big dogs turned their attention away from the puppy and straight toward the Smurflings. " they're smurfing straight for us!" Snappy said. "What do we smurf now, Nat?"
"Just run until we can find a ledge," Nat said, and so the three of them ran until they came across a ledge that was near the river. They waited as long as they could until the big dogs came closer. And then Nat said, "Jump!", and the three of them jumped out of the way while the big dogs ran themselves off the ledge, unable to stop, and fell into the river below, unable to get themselves out of the water as they were being carried away.
The puppy soon joined the three boy Smurfs, giving them a friendly lick for saving him. "You're welcome, puppy," Nat said with a laugh.
"Okay, now that we've got the puppy rescued, let's see if we can smurf our way to the Smurf Village again," Snappy said.
The puppy barked out something that Nat understood. "He says that he's on his way to the Smurf Village, and he seems to know how to get there," Nat said.
"Great," Slouchy said. "Do you mind if you can smurf us a ride there?"
The puppy barked out an enthusiastic response. "Looks like he's going to smurf us there as well, my friends," Nat said.
"Smurfabunga!" Snappy said. "Now we can finally smurf our way out of this forest!"
The puppy allowed the three boy Smurfs to get on his back, and soon they were traveling through the forest on their way to the Smurf Village.

It was night by the time Puppy and the boy Smurfs reached the village. Everyone was fast asleep, and the four travelers were getting weary.
"It's too bad that we couldn't fly all the way here from Smurfling Island in the first place," Nat said as he yawned.
"Smurfling Pan just makes the flying thing so easy, with his magic sword and all, Nat," Snappy said.
"At least we're here in the Smurf Village...which is a good thing," Slouchy said. "Now all we need is some food and a place to sleep."
"Hey, smurf at those cupcakes sitting on the windowsill over there," Snappy pointed out, looking in the direction of Greedy's kitchen. "I bet whoever made them won't mind if we smurfed ourselves to his goodies."
The three boy Smurfs went to Greedy's kitchen and quietly took the three cupcakes and ate them. "Mmmm, how I miss smurfing good food like this," Slouchy said, licking the frosting from his mouth after eating the cupcake.
The puppy sniffed around in the dark until he found a tree stump. He quietly barked to get the attention of the boy Smurflings. "What is it, Puppy?" Nat asked.
"Smurfs like he found us a place to sleep," Slouchy said as he went over to where the puppy was near the tree stump and briefly looked inside. "Well, it may not be like our home with the Lost Smurflings, but it's a place to sleep until the other Smurfs awaken."
"Yeah...they should be able to find us in the morning, Slouchy," Snappy said as he yawned and went inside the tree stump with the other boy Smurfs. "Good night, Nat...good night, Slouchy."
"Good night," the other two boy Smurfs said as they laid down and closed their eyes to sleep. The puppy also laid down next to the tree stump and went to sleep.