Part 1

It was the day of Empath and Smurfette's 50th wedding anniversary when most of his fellow Smurfs and their wives got together in the Smurf Village to celebrate it together with a special meal put together by Greedy and his wife and children. Both Empath and Smurfette felt like it was the day of their wedding all over again, even though their human friends from that day couldn't be there for the anniversary celebration due to age or death. Nevertheless, King Gerard's son Jared, who became a king upon his father's death, had sent forth Papa and Mama Clockwork Smurf to join their fellow Smurfs whom they haven't seen in years.
"May I smurf a toast for the first married couple in our village that I had the privilege of smurfing together, even though I have to admit that I envy the good fortune of my own son smurfing the heart of the Smurfette who would become like the daughter that I never had," Papa Smurf said as he raised up a glass. "Here's to the first fifty years of their marriage, and not only their marriage, but the marriage of all my little Smurfs. And may there be many more years of happiness for them and for everyone assembled here today."
"Here, here," all the other Smurfs said together as their raised their glasses together and then drank to the toast. Empath and Smurfette also did the same.
"This smurf appreciates the honor you have bestowed upon this smurf and Smurfette for a marriage that neither of us would ever smurf lasting this long, my fellow Smurfs," Empath said as he stood up to make a speech. "This smurf understands that it wasn't easy for any of you to see Smurfette giving her heart to this smurf for all time, since she has known you for more years than this smurf, and this smurf would have wanted to see any of you be happy with Smurfette if that was what she wanted."
"I want to smurf for all of us when I say that we couldn't be more smurfier for Smurfette to choose someone who would always love her no matter what happens, Empath," Hefty said. "Of course, this doesn't mean that I'm not jealous of your good fortune, even with a daughter that I wish could have been my own."
"Oh, Hefty, you've been a very good uncle to Liana, which I'm more than grateful for," Smurfette said. "But if it weren't for Empath, I would have smurfed yes to you sometime in the future."
"I never would have thought that you would have smurfed up your mind about who you would marry before Empath showed up, lassie," Duncan McSmurf said. "You had the whole village at your smurf and call, with every one of the boys wanting to smurf your hand in marriage, so that makes you the lucky lady."
"Aye, and all the time I was praying that the Almighty would smurf along the right Smurf that would smurf your heart, my dear Smurfette," Tapper said. "It just makes me a little envious that the right Smurf didn't smurf out to be me after all."
"I would have to say this, my little Smurfs...if it weren't for the evil wizard Gargamel creating her, there wouldn't have been a Smurfette for any of us to smurf our hearts to, even if her original intention was to destroy us," Papa Smurf said. "It just makes me happy to see how far she has smurfed from the day that we first smurfed her in the village, and from the day that she first became a real Smurf."
"Exactly what I was thinking, Papa Smurf," Brainy said. "After all, if it wasn't for me introsmurfing her to the wonders of brilliant literature and philosmurphy from Smurfs long past, she wouldn't have been half as wise or as intelligent as I am today, which I'm sure she must be completely thankful for and..."
"You will always be loved by your fellow Smurfs, even if your heart belongs to only one Smurf now, Smurfette," Handy said, interrupting Brainy.
Smurfette found herself breaking in tears from all the emotion that was being shown to her. "I appreciate you all showing me what it means to be a real Smurf, because I honestly feel that I wouldn't have been one without you. Each and every one of you has been very special to me in your own unique ways, that I still feel that a part of me will always be with you."
"I...hate the thought that you would ever leave us, Smurfette," Grouchy said. And the other Smurfs have voiced the same opinion as well.
"Don't worry about that, Grouchy," Smurfette said. "I have no plans of smurfing anywhere anytime soon, unless it's with my husband. But if I do leave you, I want to let you know that I love you and that I will always love you."
"Let's give three cheers for Smurfette!" Greedy said. And soon all the Smurfs gathered together shouted, "Hip, hip, hurray!" as Empath and Smurfette kissed each other in public.
After the party was over and Empath and Smurfette walked home with their daughter, Psycheliana asked, "Do you think I would ever be as pretty as you, Mama Smurf, that I would smurf as many boyfriends as you?"
Smurfette giggled. "You still have fifty more years to grow into being an adult Smurf, Liana, but I have a feeling that you will become very beautiful in your own way."
"But you won't have to worry about having so many boyfriends as your Mama Smurf did, Liana, because you have just as many sister Smurfs to be your friends as you have brother Smurfs," Empath said.
"What about Miracle Smurf?" Smurfette asked Liana. "He seems to think that you're a pretty Smurf."
"I don't know, Mama Smurf," Psycheliana answered. "I think that he smurfs to be very cute and all, but I'm not sure that I would want to smurf my heart to him just yet."
"You're still a young Smurfling, Liana, so you won't have to worry about that until you're an adult," Empath said.
"I bet it must have been fun for Mama Smurf to have so many boyfriends at her smurf and call each day before she met you, Papa," Psycheliana said. "She would never be so lonely for anyone."
"That wasn't always the case, Liana," Smurfette said. "Being the only adult female Smurf in the village meant that I had to put up with how males would treat females at certain times, which weren't always smurfy things, and it also made me lonely for another female Smurf to share my favorite things to smurf with, until your aunt Sassy smurfed along."
"I know, Mama," Psycheliana said. "I just can't help thinking about my Uncle Smurfs...Hefty, Handy, Brainy, Greedy, Vanity, Clumsy, all of them...wanting to be the one Smurf that you would marry someday, and you just couldn't decide who among them would be the right Smurf for you."
"Did you know that your Grandpa Smurf also felt the same thing that your Uncle Smurfs felt for me on that first day of spring during my first year as a Smurf?" Smurfette asked.
"Grandpa Smurf was in love with that?" Psycheliana said. "Eeewww...that doesn't smurf right."
Smurfette giggled. "I know that it doesn't, Liana. But since I was the only female Smurf that he had smurfed in a long while since the Smurfs in his generation all passed away, I couldn't see how lonely he was for someone to be his wife until Flowerbell the woodnymph smurfed into our village. And I didn't even know that he was married before, or that your Papa Smurf was even his son from that marriage."
"Please, Mama, tell me everything that you know about that first day of spring," Liana requested.
Empath sensed what his wife and daughter had wanted. "This smurf will meet you both back at the house while you tell Liana your story, Smurfette," he said before he walked on.
With the two female Smurfs alone with each other, Smurfette said, "Most of the story is what I have heard from Narrator, Liana, just so you would know, but it all began on a beautiful spring day that neither I nor your Grandpa Smurf were entirely prepared for..."

As Smurfette told her story, Liana saw in her mind the sight of her Grandpa Smurf -- who was still called Papa Smurf back in those days -- stepping out of his house to see the lovely spring day that was the first day of spring.
"Aaaah, what a sight it is to smurf, that after a long hard winter, spring has finally arrived in the forest," Papa Smurf said as he took in the sights. "I will have to find some way to thank Mother Nature for smurfing us a beautiful day for smurfing outside in."
He stretched out his arms and took a deep breath to inhale the fresh spring air, but no sooner did he try to take that breath that he ended up inhaling a smoke cloud in the form of Smurfette that made him cough. He looked around and saw that Smokey was making smoke signals in the form of Smurfette with a blanket covering a small fire. His eyes looked like he was infatuated with something on his mind.
He decided to go through the village and see what else was going on. He saw Sculptor outside chiseling away at a block of stone, turning it into a statue of Smurfette. He saw Barber trimming a hedge in the shape of Smurfette. He saw Painter doing a portrait of Smurfette. He saw Greedy in his kitchen making cakes in the shape of Smurfette. It seemed that everywhere he went, his little Smurfs were creating something that was about Smurfette in some way.
That made Papa Smurf chuckle. "Why, it's just nothing more than a harmless case of spring fever, when a young Smurf's fancy turns to smurfs of love," he said to himself. "What a wonderful thing that could happen to my little Smurfs after all these years."
That made Papa Smurf remember his days of youth whenever the first day of spring came along, and he found himself attracted to Lillithina, who would in time become his future wife. Lillithina thought that he was sweet, but she felt herself more attracted to Aristotle, whom everyone else thought was a big bore. Over time, he proved himself to be the Smurf that would win her heart over, which made Aristotle feel a little jealous and a bit hurt that he would be rejected by the one female Smurf that he thought had truly loved him. Despite that, Aristotle cared enough for both Lillithina and his friend to wish them a happy marriage together.
Unfortunately, Papa Smurf saw those glorious days come to an end, with all the things he did to Empath being what drove Lillithina away from him, and then her and all his friends consumed by the disease that made him the only parent figure of about a hundred little Smurfs. Nonetheless, it did make him feel happy that out of death came forth new life that would someday bring a new generation of Smurfs into the world, now that there's a female Smurf that's part of their everyday life.
Then his thoughts turned to when Smurfette first came into the village as a creation of Gargamel. She wasn't much to look at in her previous form with frizzy black hair, but she nonetheless intrigued the Smurfs in the village. Although she tried to destroy the Smurfs by causing the village dam to overflow so it could flood the village, and from that incident the Smurfs were ready to throw her out, Papa Smurf saw in Smurfette her desire to become a real Smurf, and so with his magic spells he gave her what she wanted, and the whole village was now much better because of the change.
Papa Smurf couldn't help thinking of that moment when Smurfette saw herself after the transformation and realized that she was now a real Smurf...and how embarrassed she became in that moment because she found herself naked. He didn't mean to make her feel embarrassed like that, but now as he was remembering that moment, he couldn't help feeling some sort of attraction towards her...similar to how he felt when he first laid eyes on Lillithina as an adult Smurf so many years ago.
Then Smurfette stepped out of her house just as Papa Smurf was passing by. "Why, hello there, Papa Smurf," she pleasantly greeted. "A nice beautiful day for the first day of spring, isn't it?"
"Well, it certainly is, Smurfette," Papa Smurf said. "You know, I was just thinking that..."
His thoughts were soon interrupted by a group of Smurfs all charging toward Smurfette's house at the same time, pushing right past Papa Smurf, leaving him trampled on the ground. "Well, so much for the 'harmless' theory," he said to himself.
"Hello there, boys," Smurfette said to the group of the Smurfs. "What seems to be on your mind today?"
They all tried to answer at once, until Hefty silenced them as he approached Smurfette. "You see, Smurfette, I was just thinking...well...there just isn't any way I can smurf it...will you...marry me?" he said as he produced a bouquet of flowers for her.
"Marry you?" Smurfette said, sounding flattered. "Gee, Hefty, I don't know. You're very nice and all, but..."
"How about you marry me instead?" Handy said as he also produced a bouquet of flowers.
"Or how about me?" another Smurf said.
"Or what about me?" a third Smurf said, until they all pestered her with the same question.
Papa Smurf could see that Smurfette was surrounded by requests from her fellow Smurfs to marry her and realized that he needed to do something. "Shame on you, my little Smurfs, for bothering Smurfette like that, and on the first day of spring," he scolded. "Now I want you all to run along and leave Smurfette alone."
"Yes, Papa Smurf," the Smurfs all said together before they departed from Smurfette's doorstep.
When Papa Smurf felt that he was alone with Smurfette, he said to her, "I'm sorry about how my little Smurfs are all acting towards you, Smurfette. You see, they all have the case of spring fever, where, you know, a young Smurf's fancy turns to smurfs of love and all."
"I understand, Papa Smurf," Smurfette said. "I didn't feel offended by what they were smurfing. I actually feel rather flattered if that's what they feel for me."
"I'm sure that you do, Smurfette," Papa Smurf said, who then cleared his throat as if he had to say next was rather difficult for him. "However, if you do decide that you're going to marry someone, I would want to recommend that you would choose someone who is older and more mature."
"Older and more mature?" Smurfette asked, wondering what Papa Smurf was getting at. "You mean like Duncan McSmurf?"
Papa Smurf chuckled a bit. "I mean someone who is older and more mature than even Duncan. Why, think of could be known as Mama Smurf, and..."
He stopped when he had a feeling that somebody else was listening in on what he was saying, and as Papa Smurf turned around, he saw a glimpse of some of his little Smurfs peering around a corner, listening to his conversation with Smurfette, before they hid themselves away.
"Well, excuse me, Smurfette...I do have other important things in the village that need smurfing care of," Papa Smurf said. "I'm sorry if I'm wasting your time in this silly conversation." And as he walked on past Smurfette's house with her watching in wonder, Papa Smurf said to himself, "If only I were 400 smurfs younger."

Tapper was heading out into the forest to collect sarsaparilla when his friend Duncan approached him. "Smurf o' the morning to you, my fellow Duncan," he pleasantly greeted. "What seems to be smurfing on your mind on the first day of spring?"
"You should have seen what I was smurfing at Smurfette's house this morning while me and the boys were trying to propose to Smurfette, laddie," Duncan said. "Papa was there with the young lass trying to ask her if she would marry him."
"Papa Smurf was trying to ask Smurfette to marry him?" Tapper said, sounding curious. "Are you certain that is the very thing you have witnessed?"
"I'm not going to lie to you about that,'s true!" Duncan said. "He was telling her that she could be Mama Smurf if she would marry him. What do you smurf of that?"
Tapper stroked his chin in thought over what he had just heard. "Personally, I'm not sure if that's the right thing for Papa Smurf to do, but it has been a long time since any of us have ever seen a female Smurf in this village."
"Not the right thing for Papa Smurf to do?" Duncan said. "It just simply isn't fair! We're the Smurfs who are the right ages for Smurfette to marry...why would Smurfette want to smurf her heart to somebody like Papa?"
"I would caution you about the idea of marrying Smurfette so soon after she's smurfed a whole year with us, my fellow Duncan," Tapper said. "She simply may not be ready to smurf her heart to any one single Smurf yet."
"Don't tell me that you don't feel a thing for Smurfette, since this is after all the first day of spring, laddie," Duncan said.
"I do admit that Smurfette is a pretty and attractive girl, Duncan, but as one who is devoted to smurfing my life to the Almighty, I'm not going to let myself be ruled by my passions," Tapper said. "If you feel that pursuing Smurfette's hand in marriage is the right thing for you to smurf, then that is your decision to make for yourself. But as for me, my desire is to keep myself pure from the desires of this world and to pray for all of us that our hearts will be pure from such desires."
"If that's how you want to smurf your life, then smurf it without trying to make me smurf that kind of life with you, Tapper," Duncan said with a bit of displeasure in his voice. "Just don't be surprised if Smurfette decides that she wants to fulfill your desires and marry you instead of us."
And as Duncan walked away, Tapper looked at him in wonder about what he had said regarding Smurfette. It wasn't that the idea of marrying Smurfette didn't cross Tapper's mind, for he could feel that urge just as strongly as his fellow Smurfs. It was just that his desires had put him in conflict with his faith, and that he didn't want to do anything that would be displeasing to the Almighty. But neither did he want to do anything that would be displeasing to Smurfette, even if that meant compromising his beliefs to satisfy his desires and hers.
At that moment, a devilish version of Tapper appeared unto him, saying, "Why are you passing up an opportunity like this, Tapper? Go on after her and prove that you're the Smurf that she should be marrying."
And then an angelic version of Tapper also appeared, saying, "It isn't right for Tapper to pursue after Smurfette when she's only been among her fellow Smurfs for a year. He should let Smurfette have some time before she is ready to make a decision."
"Tapper isn't going to be a young Smurf forever, and neither will Smurfette," Devil Tapper said. "He's got to smurf himself a mate before either of them are too old for each other."
"Smurfette would rather be interested in a Mr. Right instead of a Mr. Right Now," Angel Tapper said. "Tapper will know from the Almighty when the right time for him to marry will be."
"He's going to be sorry if Smurfette chooses any of the other Smurfs instead of him," Devil Tapper said. "Then how will the Almighty fulfill the desires of his heart?"
"O thou of little faith...the Almighty will comfort his heart until His plans for Tapper are fulfilled in the due time," Angel Tapper said before both he and Devil Tapper vanished, leaving Tapper alone to decide on what he's going to do.
"O Lord Almighty, the Father of all creation, You alone know my heart, that all I want is for my fellow Smurfs to be happy, including Smurfette," Tapper prayed as he headed out into the forest. "May Your hand be upon us to guard our hearts from smurfing things that we would later regret smurfing when it comes to smurfing someone of the opposite sex. In the name of Your only begotten Son, I pray. Amen."