Part 3

By the following morning, Grouchy woke up in his bed, thinking that what happened last night was all a dream, until Angel rolled over and kissed him on the lips. "So was that good for you as it was for me last night, my dear?" she asked.
Grouchy smiled. "It was even better. You just felt so real."
"That's because I am real as you want me to be," Angel said, getting up from the bed and pulling back the curtains to let the sunlight shine through the windows. "Oh, it's such a beautiful day this morning. Why don't we go out and meet your friends in the village?"
"Let's not rush things, sugar," Grouchy said. "The other Smurfs may wonder why you're smurfing out of my house."
"Are you saying that you're ashamed of me?" Angel asked, sounding a bit hurt.
"Uh, of course not, Angel," Grouchy answered. "It's just that...well, they're used to me being the single Smurf in the village, as most of the male Smurfs are since Empath and Smurfette were married."
"But they deserve to know that you have somebody in your life that will make you happy, don't you think?" Angel asked.
"You just smurf put and let me see when it's safe for me to smurf you out into the open," Grouchy said, getting himself dressed and then peering through his door to watch the other male Smurfs as they passed by, heading straight for the dining commons. After a while of waiting and watching, Grouchy said, "Okay, I think we're in the clear. Just smurf my hand and be careful."
"Of course, my dear," Angel said. She took Grouchy's hand as he led her out of his house and headed for the dining commons to join his fellow Smurfs.
Tapper and Duncan had already got their breakfasts and were sitting down to eat and converse with each other when they saw Grouchy at the end of the line with Angel. "Great Smurfiny Crickets, who is that female Smurf that is with Grouchy?" Tapper asked.
"I'm smurfing anything that it's Grouchy's love doll that has somehow smurfed to life, laddie," Duncan surmised.
"That's his love doll?" Tapper said, sounding surprised. "Well, I didn't expect him of all Smurfs to be able to smurf her to be this real."
"When you want it so badly, you'll smurf your best into what you create for yourself," Duncan said.
Greedy met with Grouchy as he passed through the serving tables with Angel. "So you finally smurfed out of your house to enjoy some food for a change," Greedy said. "And who is this fine young lady Smurf who is with you?"
"Oh, uh, this is my...uh, companion Angel," Grouchy responded.
"It is nice to meet with you, Greedy," Angel said, sounding polite.
"The both of you smell like you're truly happy with each other," Greedy said. "Is there anything that I can smurf for you for your first meal here, Angel?"
"No thanks, Greedy," Angel said. "I don't need to eat anything."
Greedy snorted. "Well, I'm sure that Grouchy would like to smurf something if you're just going to smurf by his side and watch him eat."
"Just whatever the Smurfs are having this morning, Greedy," Grouchy said.
Greedy served Grouchy his meal, then Grouchy headed for the table that Tapper and Duncan were sitting at with Angel following close by.
"Smurf o' the morning to you, my fellow Grouchy," Tapper greeted. "I see that you'll be smurfing your breakfast with your new companion this morning."
"This is my companion Angel, Tapper," Grouchy introduced.
"How do you do, Tapper?" Angel said, extending her hand to Grouchy's friend.
"I'm fine this morning, my dear Angel, but mostly I'm concerned about our friend Grouchy," Tapper said as he shook Angel's hand. "This is rather soon for him to smurf up with somebody that nobody else in the village has met yet."
"But you sure are a fine lass to smurf our boy some company," Duncan said. "I'm already feeling jealous of his good fortune right about now."
"This is my friend Duncan McSmurf," Grouchy introduced. "Some people like to call him Gutsy, which he really hates."
"I'm pleased to meet with you, Duncan," Angel said, extending her hand to shake Duncan's.
"How long do you plan on smurfing in the village, Angel?" Tapper asked.
"Oh, as long as Grouchy lives," Angel answered. "I'm his love companion. I will stay with him to make sure that he is properly loved."
"Papa Smurf may not like the idea of male and female Smurfs cohabitating with each other before they are married, lassie," Duncan said.
"I'm not worried about what other Smurfs might think, Duncan," Angel said. "I'm never going to leave Grouchy's side no matter what it takes."
Just then, Empath and Smurfette both joined the four of them sitting together. "Salutations, my fellow Smurfs," Empath greeted. "And who is this new female Smurf that is sitting beside Grouchy?"
"I don't know who she is, but she certainly looks beautiful," Smurfette said.
"My name is Angel," the female responded. "You must also be Grouchy's friends, Empath and Smurfette, the ones who are married."
"That's who we are, Angel," Empath said. "We seem to be enjoying the married life so far. When did you first smurf into the village?"
"Oh, it was around last night, when I smurfed myself to life in this physical form," Angel answered. "I'm here to make sure Grouchy is never lonely in his life as a male Smurf."
"Well, I am pleased to meet with you, Angel," Smurfette said. "Maybe we can smurf things together as adult female Smurfs, if you're willing to smurf some time away from Grouchy."
"I'm sorry, Smurfette, but Grouchy needs my company," Angel said. "I'm not going to leave him until death do we part."
Smurfette felt rebuffed by the rejection. "If that's how you feel, then I'm going to leave you two alone with each other."
"Smurfette, is that how you want to treat Grouchy's new companion?" Empath asked. "Shouldn't she have the liberty to smurf what she wants with whoever pleases her?"
"Excuse me, Empath, I'm going to smurf by myself at a different table," Smurfette said, getting up and taking her breakfast tray with her.
"Well, imagine that," Duncan said. "It's the first time that your bride is going to smurf by herself instead of with you, Empath."
"We will leave Empath and Smurfette's relationship alone, my fellow Duncan," Tapper said. "If Smurfette needs to smurf some space apart for herself to not be around certain Smurfs, then we will not smurf her on the matter."
"This smurf doesn't blame Smurfette for how she feels right now, but hopefully this isn't going to escalate into a much bigger problem between us," Empath said.

Grouchy took Angel around the village to meet with the other Smurfs after breakfast. A good deal of them were curious as to where she came from, as none of them had ever seen her before. They were also jealous that Grouchy had somebody in his life other than Tapper, Duncan, Empath, and Smurfette, somebody who was not afraid of showing her affection toward a Smurf who was the least likely to fall in love with somebody. Grouchy didn't mind the feeling of having somebody that was exclusively his own to fall in love with.
After a good while Grouchy and Angel went to the memorial park to enjoy some time together with each other. She seemed fascinated with everything that was in the park: the statues, the flower arrangements, the memorials. It was like she had just seen what life was like for the first time, like a little child exploring the world and knowing what was in it. Grouchy seemed to like that about Angel, that she just had a natural curiosity about things.
When the two finally sat down together, Angel said, "Why don't the two of us go and make love with each other right now?"
"You mean right here, right now, with all the other Smurfs watching us?" Grouchy said, sounding incredulous.
"Why, are you ashamed of having me being with you to love on you?" Angel asked.
"Uh, of course not, Angel," Grouchy said. "But I don't think the other Smurfs need to see what we're smurfing with each other."
"But I'm always going to love you, and you deserve to have the other Smurfs know that you love me," Angel said.
"I think you're smurfing yourself a little too forward for me, Angel," Grouchy said. "Why can't we just enjoy smurfing a kiss with each other, and then save the other fun for when we are alone with each other?"
"I don't understand why we need to be alone to share our passions fully with each other, Grouchy," Angel said.
"It's the Smurfs behave with each other in our village," Grouchy said. "There are certain things that we can only enjoy in private, like smurfing a bath or a shower."
"Ooh, I could just imagine smurfing a bath or a shower together with you, Grouchy," Angel said.
"I would like that myself, but for now let's try to smurf things a bit slowly and decently so that we don't smurf too much attention on ourselves," Grouchy said.
Angel sighed. "Well, if it pleases you for me to take things slowly and decently, then I will do what will please you."
Then the two of them started to kiss very passionately, and they were fully embracing each other when in the midst of the passion Grouchy could hear his name being called very sharply. He and Angel turned and saw that it was Papa Smurf, looking a bit stern at the scene.
"Who is that, Grouchy?" Angel asked.
"Uh, that's Papa Smurf, the leader of our village," Grouchy answered.
"I would like to smurf a word with you and your new companion alone, Grouchy," Papa Smurf ordered.

Grouchy and Angel spent time inside Papa Smurf's house having to answer for themselves how Angel came to be.
"So you just smurfed to life in the form of Grouchy's love doll, and now all you want to do is smurf Grouchy love and company?" Papa Smurf asked.
"That's my design, Papa Smurf," Angel said. "I don't see what's so wrong with that, now that I'm alive."
"Well, it just raises up a bunch of questions, since it is generally not proper for a female Smurf to be smurfing with a male Smurf that she is not married to, Angel," Papa Smurf said.
"But I'm going to love Grouchy until death do us part, Papa Smurf," Angel said. "Why would I need to be married in order for us to enjoy our lives together?"
"It's just the proper way of things, of how Smurfs are supposed to interact with each other, my dear," Papa Smurf said. "No matter how much you truly love Grouchy, you have to respect the laws of where you're smurfing or else there would be nothing but harm and chaos."
Angel sighed. "I understand, Papa Smurf. But how are we going to be together if we can't be married?"
"I'm sure that we can figure something out so that the two of you won't be apart from each other for too long, Angel," Papa Smurf said. "For now, I'm going to have you smurf in a separate house so that you can get used to how life smurfs in our village. Do you understand?"
"Yes, Papa Smurf, if that's what you want me to do," Angel said, sounding a bit upset at the arrangement.
"I hate this, Papa Smurf," Grouchy said. "I hate having to wait until the two of us can be legally smurfed together as husband and wife, now that she's real."
"I don't like having to smurf this myself, Grouchy, but I have to smurf my foot down and smurf the rules as the leader of this village," Papa Smurf said. "This is only going to hurt for a little while, but I promise that the two of you will be smurfed together again as husband and wife so that you can be free to smurf your life to each other without any restraint."
"But I don't want a really big wedding if we're going to be married, Papa Smurf," Grouchy said. "I just want my closest friends to be there to see me and Angel be happy together."
"We can discuss what kind of wedding the two of you want when I feel you are ready to be smurfed together, but for now I will have to advise you to abstain from any further physical relations with Angel until that time is right for the both of you to marry, Grouchy," Papa Smurf said. "Is that understood?"
Grouchy looked down to the ground, feeling like he couldn't be without his Angel, but realizing that Papa Smurf was doing what was right. "Yes, Papa Smurf, I understand," he muttered.
After Grouchy and Angel left, Polaris Psyche entered to have a private discussion with Papa Smurf. "This one has some personal misgivings about our new guest in the village that this one feels needed to be disclosed, Papa Smurf," Polaris said.
"What exactly is it about Angel that you're sensing, Polaris?" Papa Smurf asked.
"That this Angel may have some malevolent intention upon Grouchy that she may be using the form of his love doll to prey upon him," Polaris said.
"We'll smurf an eye upon Angel to make sure she doesn't smurf anything that would bring harm upon any Smurf, let alone Grouchy," Papa Smurf said. "In the meantime, we should be careful and not make assumptions based on very little evidence that we have on hand for Angel's existence."
"This one understands and acknowledges, Papa Smurf," Polaris said, nodding.

After leaving Papa Smurf's house, Grouchy noticed that Angel was weeping, if such a thing was possible for a love doll to weep. "Angel, why are you so sad?" Grouchy asked, sounding concerned.
"I don't like having to spend our time apart from each other, Grouchy," Angel said. "I need you just as much as you need me."
"I know, Angel, and I hate how that feels," Grouchy said. "But Papa Smurf promises that we'll be together again soon, and then we can fully smurf our love for each other."
"But you don't understand," Angel said. "I can't live without love. The love that you give me helps me to live."
"What do you mean by that, Angel?" Grouchy asked, wondering.
"Every time we love each other physically, you give me life," Angel said. "I come from a place where we always need love to live, and if we don't have that love, then we will die and be no more."
"I didn't know that, Angel," Grouchy said. "I wish you could have told Papa Smurf when you had the chance."
"But how are we going to be together to love each other if we're going to be separate from each other?" Angel said. "I feel like if I don't have your love, then I'm just going to die."
Grouchy felt great empathy for her. "I'm sure that we can find a way that Papa Smurf doesn't have to know about, Angel," he said, gently touching Angel's face.
Just then Empath and Smurfette approached them. "This smurf sensed that Papa Smurf would have ordered the both of you to live apart from each other until you're married, Grouchy," Empath said.
"So we're offering Angel a place to stay in our house where she will be cared for until the two of you are married," Smurfette added.
"But Angel doesn't want to be apart from me, Empath," Grouchy said.
"This smurf knows, but we can't disobey what Papa Smurf wants either, Grouchy," Empath said. "We promise that Angel will be smurfed good care for the time being."
"There's nothing for you to worry about, Angel," Smurfette said. "You can still see Grouchy from day to day whenever you smurf about in the village."
Angel just nodded, sounding like she had no choice but to accept. Smurfette took Angel by the hand and led her away while Empath stayed to talk with Grouchy.
"Angel needs to physically be with me, Empath," Grouchy said adamantly. "There's no way she's going to live unless she loves me."
"This smurf knows that's how you feel about her, Grouchy, but she's going to be all right with the two of you separated until you are married," Empath said.
"And if she doesn't, then I'm certainly not going to like you for the rest of my smurfs, Empath," Grouchy said.

Later on at Tapper's Tavern, Empath and Smurfette were both sitting together with Duncan talking to Tapper about Grouchy and Angel's situation.
"Grouchy's now upset because he has to live without Angel for a time until the both of them can be married to each other," Empath said.
"I don't blame the laddie," Duncan said. "He's got such a fine young lass to be at his side, and now having to be told to smurf his passions on hold is something even I would find hard to smurf."
"But perhaps it is for the best that Grouchy and Angel would properly abstain from each other until that blessed time, Duncan," Tapper said. "As much as I would not want either of them to be smurfanently parted from each other, it would smurf them enough time to test their true love for each other."
"I have waited ten years for Empath, and I would say that it was smurf the wait," Smurfette said.
"Aye, but you were a proper maiden among us male Smurfs, lassie, not willing to smurf away your personal treasure to just any of the young lads for the sake of your own pleasure," Duncan said.
"That doesn't mean that I wasn't tempted, Duncan," Smurfette said.
"And this smurf also had to deal with temptation along the way, if it weren't for the guiding hand of morality to keep me chaste and honest," Empath said.
"As long as we smurf in these temples of flesh, we're going to always be smurfing with the temptations of the flesh, my friends," Tapper said. "Being married isn't going to end the desire of smurfing after those things that the flesh wants, to be satisfied with pleasures that are dishonoring to the Almighty and to the covenant of marriage that He insmurftuted to all beings."
"So far Smurfette's got most of my attention, so I'm not going to be worried about some other female Smurf that's going to smurf into my life anytime soon," Empath said.
"But you've got Angel smurfing with you for the time being at your house, so what are you going to smurf about that?" Duncan said.
"Angel's heart is smurfed upon Grouchy as her one and only, Duncan," Smurfette said. "I'm not going to worry about what she smurfs to my husband."
"Well, I'm still going to pray for Grouchy and Angel, that their hearts would remain pure until the time of marriage, and I will pray for the continued sanctity of your marriage, Empath and Smurfette," Tapper said.
"This smurf appreciates your diligence in spiritual matters, Tapper," Empath said as he took a sip of his glass.

Late at night, Grouchy was sleeping in his bed, feeling empty, alone, and upset at having nobody to sleep with, until he heard knocking on his door. He woke up and opened to find that it was Angel, who greeted him with a kiss.
"Angel, how did you smurf your way out of Empath's house?" Grouchy asked.
"I have my ways," Angel said. "Quickly, let's get inside and make love with each other before I get too weak."
Grouchy nodded. He closed the door and started to passionately kiss Angel, feeling his hands all over her and letting her put her hands all over him. It felt like a pent-up stream of love that was ready to burst, and it would now sweep away everything in its path in a deluge.
Angel reached under Grouchy's hat and began stroking his bald head gently until the hat slowly dropped off his head. Then Grouchy reached under Angel's hat and stroked her hair gently until her hat slowly dropped off.
And the two continued on in such fiery passion with each other until the morning.