Part 3

The curtains closed again for Tapper to step onto the stage to call for an intermission so that the Smurfs could enjoy some refreshments prepared by Greedy before the play resumed. Then he joined Polaris Psyche, who was at Tapper's refreshment stand serving his fellow Smurfs their drinks.
"So what do you think of the play so far, my fellow Polaris?" Tapper asked while he was serving the drinks.
"It is a fascinating, if although imaginative, interpretation of one of the stories from your holy book, Tapper," Polaris said. "Perhaps the most fascinating element of this play is how it seems to mirror the situation of what the other Smurfs seem to be feeling about Empath."
"That part has never escaped my attention, Polaris," Tapper said. "In fact, the more Empath became part of this village over the years he has visited us up until he was released, the more it seemed that Empath was fulfilling a role similar to that of Joseph, who himself was a forerunner in the role that the Almighty's only begotten Son would eventually play."
"This one is familiar with the character in your holy book that you speak of, Tapper," Polaris said. "It still makes this one feel rather uncomfortable for the fact that Empath is still not highly regarded by all his fellow Smurfs."
"Neither was the Almighty's Son when He first smurfed upon the earth as a man, and there are those who still have no regard for Him ever since He smurfed back into heaven," Tapper said. "Nevertheless, He smurfed His life for all men and for all creation, whether they wish to regard Him as their Lord and Savior or not. There will come a time when all will have to bow the knee to the Almighty's Son and confess that He is Lord, to the glory of God the Father."
"This Almighty seems very demanding of worship as does the Psyche Master, Tapper," Polaris said. "It only makes this one curious as to what He will do to those who refuse to declare that He is Lord of anything."
"It will be a sad day for those who will not acknowledge Him as Lord until the day when they will have to smurf an account for the things they have done in their lives, Polaris," Tapper said. "But for those who choose to be His enemies, they will have no one to blame but themselves, and they will have no choice but to give the Almighty His due because He is their creator."
Polaris nodded, understanding what Tapper had said but finding nothing to respond further with.

Then after the intermission was over, it was time for Narrator to step back on stage and continue the play's narrative. During this time there was now a slideshow of images that showed Joseph and the people of Egypt going out to gather food to store into silos that were built to warehouse the food for the coming seven years of famine.
"And so Joseph went out from the Pharaoh's presence and started work to help the people of Egypt smurf in as much food as possible during the seven years of plenty so that there would be enough food for the seven years of famine," Narrator said. "In fact, there was so much grain produced during the first seven years that they stopped counting it altogether. It was during the first seven years that Joseph was given Asenath, the daughter of Poti-Pherah the priest of On as a wife, and through her Joseph had smurfed two sons -- the oldest being Manasseh, and the youngest being Ephraim."
At the end of the slideshow, Joseph appeared on stage with his wife, who was played by Smurfette, and their two sons, which were both played by Snappy and Slouchy.
"Oh, Joseph, how is it that you are able to be so wise to know how much food our people need to smurf up before this famine smurfs us?" Asenath asked.
"This is all the work of the Almighty, my dear," Joseph said. "Whatever He says will come to pass, and as He has purposed, so shall it stand. You have nothing to fear as long as you put your faith in Him."
"Yet you seem so lonely without your Hebrew family," Asenath said. "Perhaps someday you will meet with them again and let them know that you are smurfing in the land of Egypt with a family of your own."
"This smurf wants so much to let them know, but for all this smurf knows, they would probably think that this smurf is dead," Joseph said. "Besides, this smurf isn't sure if this smurf can forgive them for what they have done to this smurf."
"If this is the work of the Almighty, then you being smurfed here apart from your family is for a greater good than the evil that they thought to smurf unto you," Asenath said. "You must smurf that your love for them is greater than the anger that you smurf for them."
"Do you think Grandpa Jacob will ever get to smurf us, Papa Smurf?" Ephraim asked.
"Yeah, I want to see all our uncles smurfing together with us," Manasseh said.
"Perhaps you will someday soon, my children," Joseph said. "The famine will soon come upon us, and the world will be coming to our doorstep to look for food which we will provide for them. If your Grandpa Jacob and your uncles are also affected by the famine, they will come into Egypt begging for food soon enough."
"Just remember, my love, that what your brothers meant for evil, the Almighty has smurfed it for good," Asenath said before she kissed Joseph.

After Joseph and his family left the stage, Narrator continued with the narrative. "And soon the seven-year famine began, and all of Egypt and the surrounding world began to be in great need of food. It was then that the Pharaoh had Joseph open up the silos and storehouses to smurf food unto those who were suffering from the famine, and during this time Joseph's family back in the land of Canaan were suffering as well. They were without Joseph, and if they didn't have food to sustain their flock, they would be without their livelihood as well."
The curtains parted, and the scene was now the field where Joseph's brothers found themselves without any food for their flocks and herds. "Well, this is the seventh field we smurfed across, and it's just as barren as the other six," Reuben said.
"Oh my, this famine isn't very healthy for my complexion," Naphtali said as he looked at himself in his hand mirror. "Smurf at the bones in my cheeks that are starting to smurf through."
"My stomach is smurfing so much noise, it's even hard to smurf some sleep," Dan said.
"Quelle misère, this land is so desolate I can hardly think of smurfing up a masteurpiesa," Issachar said.
"But it does inspire me to write my own masterpiece, An Ode To Famine," Zebulun said.
"I hate smurfing through a famine," Asher said.
Soon Jacob joined them, seeing how his sons were unsuccessful in finding green pasture. "It's no use, Papa Smurf," Simeon said. "There isn't a single place around here that hasn't been smurfed by the famine."
Jacob sighed. "Then it's time for you to travel to Egypt, where I heard that they are smurfing food for those who are hungry from the famine. I will send all of you except for your brother Benjamin to Egypt at once."
"You won't send me to Egypt, Papa Smurf?" Benjamin said, not believing what he was hearing. "But I can be of some use when it smurfs to..."
"You must stay here with me, Benjamin, for your own good," Jacob said. "I have lost one of your mother's sons, and I refuse to let you be lost as well."
Benjamin sighed. "Yes, Papa Smurf, I will smurf here for my own good."
"You think we'll ever smurf Joseph when we're down in Egypt?" Levi asked his brothers as they started to set off for Egypt.
"Joseph should be long dead by now, Levi," Reuben said. "If he were alive, we wouldn't smurf the end of what he wants to smurf with us."
"I'd be surprised if we do meet Joseph down there," Judah said. "But I sure wouldn't want to smurf on his bad side if he smurfs into us."
"And so ten of Jacob's sons went to Egypt where Joseph was smurfing food to the people who were in need," Narrator said as the curtains closed for another scene change. "Surprisingly, they wouldn't recognize him, but he would certainly recognize them, and their first meeting together in years would not be pleasant."
The curtains opened to a scene where Joseph was handing out bags of food to the Smurfs who were in line waiting to pay him for whatever they need. Joseph's brothers were also waiting in line, and when they finally were before Joseph, he just looked at them and asked, "Where did you come from?"
"We're ten brothers from the land of Canaan, who have come to buy food," Simeon answered.
"Come to buy food?" Joseph said. "I think that you are spies who have come to look upon the nakedness of the land."
"No, my lord, we have only come to buy food," Reuben said. "We are all one man's sons; none of us are spies. There were twelve of us; one brother of ours is at home with his father, and the other is no more."
"It is just as I thought; you are really spies," Joseph said. "Here is how I will test you: I will hold one of your brothers in custody here, while you must bring the other brother here, and then I will know that you are telling the truth. But if you do not bring your brother here, then you are truly spies."
Joseph called forth two guards to take Simeon away. "Please, brothers, do what he says and tell Papa Smurf to smurf Benjamin down here," Simeon said as he was being carried away.
Then Joseph called forth to have each of his brothers' sacks filled, but unknown to them he also had their sacks filled with extra money. And then he sent them on their way back home to their father's land to get their brother.
The curtain closed, and the ten brothers appeared in front of the stage carrying their sacks when they set them down and looked inside. "Oh, gosh, look at what we smurfed," Gad said, pulling out the money that was in his sack.
The other nine brothers did the same and found the same thing. "He smurfed us our money back, and he also smurfed us more than what we smurfed him," Reuben said.
"Cre vingt schtroumpfs, what has God smurfed to us?" Issachar said, sounding worried.
"Now we know that we shouldn't have smurfed Joseph to Egypt," Levi said. "We're being punished because we heard him crying for help but didn't listen to him."
"Let's just smurf home and tell Papa Smurf what had happened," said Judah.
"I hate telling him what happened," Asher said.
And after the ten brothers walked back behind the curtains, they parted to show then appearing before Jacob, who looked at them worried. "Where's your brother Simeon?" he asked
"This Smurf in Egypt who smurfed us the grain said that we will not smurf our brother again until we smurf our other brother to him, Papa Smurf," Reuben said.
"Why did you tell him that you had another brother?" Jacob asked.
"Honestly, Papa Smurf, we didn't know what he would be asking us," Levi answered. "He was smurfing all these questions about our family, about you and Benjamin, and we just simply answered him."
"Please, let us smurf Benjamin to Egypt, and I will be responsible for what happens to him," Judah said. "If he perishes, then you can smurf the blame on me for the rest of my life."
"Me too, Papa Smurf," Reuben said. "If Benjamin smurfs lost on us, you can blame me for it as well."
And all but Benjamin's brother Asher said the same thing, promising that they would deliver Benjamin to Egypt and back safely.
Jacob stroked his beard thinking of what he was going to do. Then he said. "It appears that I have no choice. If Benjamin must go with you so that Simeon is smurfed free, then I will let you do so. May the Almighty be with you on your travels and that you all will smurf safely home. And if I am bereaved, then I am bereaved."
"You mean...I get to smurf to Egypt, at long last?" Benjamin said, sounding eager to get going.
Jacob sighed. "I believe so, my son. Go and be careful."
Benjamin looked like he was going to jump for joy after his brothers had laid down their sacks and then walked offstage to go on their journey back to eager to deal with the Smurf who took their brother Simeon from them.
"You think we could probably lose Benjamin on the way to Egypt, just so we can smurf some peace and quiet?" Asher asked, looking back in disgust at his brother.
"Don't even think that, Asher," Reuben said. "We may not all like Benjamin, but we're going to smurf him to Egypt and back just so we can smurf Simeon back from that Egyptian."
Asher sighed. "I still hate having Benjamin smurfing with us."
The curtains closed, and the scene changed again so that the brothers were now in Egypt appearing before Joseph, whom they still didn't recognize. "So have you brought your brother with you?" Joseph asked.
"Here he is, smurf and sound," Judah said, as Benjamin stepped forward for Joseph to see.
"Then I shall let your brother Simeon go free, and we shall have a feast before you return to your father," Joseph said. He called for the guards, and soon they appeared on stage with Simeon, looking grateful for his release.
Joseph looked at all his brothers, looking like there was something important he wanted to tell them, but not finding the courage to say at the moment. "Excuse me for a moment, please," he said, before he went off the stage and the audience could hear him weeping greatly.
The curtains closed, and Narrator returned to the stage. "And so the brothers dined with Joseph in his house, who still did not reveal to them that he was his brother. However, before they left, Joseph ordered that his silver cup would be placed in Benjamin's sack without him or his brothers knowing about it. The brothers soon smurfed on their way back home, but they didn't get far before the guards smurfed up to them."
After Narrator left the stage, the eleven brothers walked onto the front of the stage, carrying their sacks with them, when they were stopped by the guards. "Halt! Don't any of you smurf any further!" one of the guards shouted.
"What have we done?" Reuben asked. "I promise you that we haven't smurfed anything!"
"One of you has smurfed the silver cup that our lord has smurfed for divination," the other guard said. "We will smurf through each of your sacks, and whoever is found with the cup in your sack, he will be our prisoner."
All eleven brothers gulped as they opened up their sacks to look inside. Benjamin opened up his sack and his eyes opened wide as he saw that inside was the silver cup. "Uh-oh," he muttered.
"Gee, I didn't know you were the one who smurfed the silver cup, Brainy...I mean, Benjamin," Gad said.
"I swear to you, I didn't know how the silver cup got smurfed into my sack, honestly," Benjamin said, sounding fearful.
"You're smurfing with us," the guards said, brandishing their spears and pointing them toward Benjamin. "The rest of you are free to go."
"We can't let the guards smurf off with Benjamin, Smurfs," Levi said. "We promised Papa Smurf that we would smurf him safely back home."
"If Benjamin is going to be smurfed, we're smurfing with him," Judah said.
And so the brothers followed the guards off stage, and then the curtains opened to show them appearing before Joseph.
"Didn't any of you know that I have the power to divine?" Joseph said. "That's how I know that one of you have smurfed my silver cup."
"Please, we didn't know how this even happened," Zebulun said. "Smurf all of us into prison if you must, but let Benjamin smurf free so that he can smurf home."
"Why would I do that, if only one of you is guilty of smurfing my silver cup?" Joseph said. "Only the one who smurfed it will be smurfed into prison."
"We smurf of you, Benjamin is the only son that our Papa Smurf has left," Judah said. "The other son that he loved so dearly, we smurfed him off into Egypt and we haven't smurfed of him ever since. Our Papa Smurf thinks that he is dead, and if he loses Benjamin, then he will surely smurf to his grave as a sad Smurf."
Joseph saw that his ten other brothers were sobbing greatly, begging for Benjamin to be released and offering to be put into prison in Benjamin's place. He realized that there is only one thing left to do.
"There is no need for any of you to put into prison for Benjamin's sake, for your other brother is safe and sound in Egypt," Joseph said. "You see, I am your brother Joseph."
The other brothers stopped crying as they heard Joseph say this and then just looked at him in surprise. "You're Joseph?!?" they all said together.
"That is correct," Joseph said. "This smurf is now the second-in-command who serves the Pharaoh as the ruler of Egypt. The grain you received from this smurf is a gift to make sure that you and your families will not perish in this famine that will last for seven years."
"Yes! I knew it! I knew that he would be Joseph! I knew it all along!" Benjamin said, sounding very excited to meet his brother again.
"Please, Joseph, forgive us, for we didn't know that you would still be alive in Egypt after all these years," Judah said as he and his brothers bowed down before him.
"This smurf forgives you for what you have done, because what you have meant for evil, the Almighty has made it work for your good and the good of all people," Joseph said. "Now please bring our Papa Smurf to Egypt so that this smurf can assure him that this smurf is alive and well. And bring all your families with you to Egypt, for there is plenty of land for all of you to live on."
"Sure, Joseph, whatever you say," Reuben said, sounding very eager to fulfill his brother's desire.
"Whoopie!" Gad said, jumping around for joy. "Our brother Joseph is alive! Oh, yes, he is! He is alive! Our brother is alive!"
"Quelle merveilleuse nouvelles!" Issachar said. "Papa Smurf will be so happy to hear this!"
"I can feel an epic poem that is about to be written: The Return Of Our Brother Joseph," Zebulun said.
"I hate epic poems," Asher said.
As Joseph watched his brothers leave the stage so that they could return home with Benjamin to tell their father about Joseph, he was soon joined by Asenath and his two sons. "I am very proud of you, Joseph, that you didn't smurf a grudge against your brothers for what they have smurfed to you," Asenath said.
"This smurf had to see what was in their hearts, if they were truly sorry for what they have done," Joseph said. "This smurf loves them enough to never want to return any harm for the harm they have done."
"You think that our uncles and Grandpa Jacob are going to smurf down here soon to smurf with us, Papa Smurf?" Ephraim asked.
"Yeah, we've got plenty of food for them and their families," Manasseh said.
Asneath giggled as she looked at her two sons. "I think it matters more to your Papa Smurf that they are together with us, no matter what we have to smurf through in the coming years. To see him reunited with your Grandpa Jacob is going to be a happy day for him."
Joseph looked at Asenath and smiled. "It will truly be a happy day for all of us."

The curtains closed, and Joseph's eleven brothers appeared in front of the stage with Jacob. "You Smurfs are safely returned home, thank the Almighty!" Jacob said as he greeted them.
"You wouldn't believe who was in Egypt, Papa Smurf," Simeon said. "It was Joseph! He's the second-in-command serving the Pharaoh as the ruler of Egypt!"
"Joseph? How could that be? I thought that your brother was dead!" Jacob said, sounding confused.
"We lied about that, Papa Smurf," Reuben said, sounding like he didn't want to tell Jacob the truth but he knew that he had to. "We actually smurfed him off into Egypt because we wanted to be rid of him. We didn't want to be a part of his dreams because we didn't believe that they would someday become true."
"Il est vrai, Papa Smurf," Issachar said. "We were so jealous of him smurfing all the attention from you because he and Benjamin were your sons from Aunt Rachel. Please, forgive us for the harm we have smurfed unto you."
"I understand how you feel, my little Smurfs," Jacob said. "I should have treated you all a little better than I did, but what matters now is knowing is that one of your brothers is still alive and well. I must go and smurf him at once."
"Mais bien sûr!" Issachar said. "We will smurf you to him right away, won't we, mes frères?"
"Uh, do you forgive us for what we have smurfed to you, Papa Smurf?" Gad asked.
"How can I not forgive any of you?" Jacob said. "No matter if you were born to any of my wives or concubines, you will always be my sons, and for that I will be grateful to the Almighty."
"Well, what are we waiting for?" Dan said with a yawn. "Let's get this smurf on the road just so I can smurf some sleep."
"Oh, I hope we get to smurf in Egypt for much longer than we did," Naphtali said while looking at himself in the mirror. "I can't wait to try out their smurftabulous beauty treatments."
"I hate beauty treatments," Asher said.