Part 1

Empath's personal journal.
It is the day of this smurf's first starring role in a theatrical production that Poet and Narrator had put together based on a story from Tapper's holy book. Tapper said he had picked this story to be the one to be produced as a play because the Almighty had impressed upon him to tell the story to his fellow Smurfs, although this smurf senses that there's a similarity between this story and the one this smurf has personally lived as being sent away to Psychelia as an infant. This smurf doesn't mind playing the lead character in the story as long as it doesn't lead into this smurf being worshiped as a celebrity, though it is certain that such a thing will happen whether this smurf wants it or not. This smurf feels certain that all the Smurfs chosen for their parts in this play will give their best performance, including Smurfette who is given three distinct female character parts since she is the only adult female Smurf who can play them.

Every Smurf was gathered around the Smurf Theater as Orbit conducted the Village Smurphony Orchestra in some appropriate opening music for the presentation that was about to begin. They heard that it was a play that Poet and Narrator had written together with the help of Tapper, but they didn't know what exactly the play was all about. Nonetheless, they were eager to find out as they waited in anticipation for the announcer to appear on stage.
Meanwhile, behind the curtains, every Smurf was getting ready for the play to start. Carpenter was making sure that all the stage sets and all the props were functioning properly, and Tailor was making sure all the costumes made for the actors would fit perfectly. For the play Empath was wearing a white hat and pants like his fellow Smurfs.
"Oh, Empath, isn't this exciting?" Smurfette said. "This is my first play that I get to smurf in beside you as the lead. Of course, the strange part is that I will be smurfing in three different roles -- one as your character's stepmother, another as a temptress, and a third as your character's future wife."
"It's too bad that Polaris Psyche had turned down starring in the play, saying that he would prefer watching the performance rather than being a part of it," Empath said.
"I feel sorry for him, Empath, but I'm sure that he'll want to smurf a part in another play someday," Smurfette said. "I just hope that he gets to enjoy smurfing you on the stage smurfing the lead part."
"It almost feels like this smurf's 150th birthday party all over again, Smurfette, knowing how this play's story is going to begin," Empath said.
Smurfette giggled. "Well, here's a little something for you as encouragement for smurfing your best, and you won't have to wait for your next smurfday to have it," she said, slipping Empath a kiss.
Several other Smurfs behind the stage were watching Empath and Smurfette. "Golly, I wish that I was Empath smurfing the lead role of the play," Clumsy said.
"This is just totally smurfdiculous," Hefty said. "Why do I get the feeling that Empath was smurfed the lead role just so he could be near Smurfette when it's all said and smurfed?"
"Empath was smurfed the lead role because of Tapper, Hefty," Handy said. "He was the one who smurfed the story of the play for Poet and Narrator to smurf on."
"Well, if you ask me, I could have smurfed the lead role just as well or even better than Empath," Brainy said. "I can't imagine why I'm never chosen to be smurfed in the lead roles of any plays that we have smurfed in the past, when it's clearly obvious that..."
Tuffy hit Brainy on the head with a mallet to get him to stop talking.
"It's clearly obvious to us the reason that you're never chosen to smurf the lead role in any of our plays, Brainy," Jokey said with a laugh.
"Oh, it doesn't matter to me if I'm not smurfed the lead role, as long as I get to smurf my best as the most handsome Smurf to ever smurf the stage," Vanity said while looking at himself in his hand mirror.
"All this excitement's making me so sleepy," Lazy said with a yawn before he leaned upon Poet and started to doze off.
"Smurf to it, laddie," Duncan McSmurf said, instantly waking Lazy up. "This is no time to be smurfing on the job. We've got to smurf on our toes to make sure that we're smurfing our best on the stage."
"Oui, oui," Painter said, sounding very excited. "I feel it in my smurfs that this play is going to be our pièce de résistance."
"Very true indeed, Painter," Poet said. "In fact, I feel that this very play will inspire me to smurf more plays just like this one. Oh, what a thrilling honor it is to be smurfing in one of my own plays, even if it's not in the lead role."
"I hate smurfing in more plays like this one," Grouchy said.
"Now, now, Grouchy, let's try to smurf positive here," Papa Smurf here. "You chose to smurf part of this play in order to overcome smurfing in public before your fellow Smurfs in plays. It may not be the lead role, but at least you'll have your chance to smurf yourself as a star, and besides Empath is here on stage with you, so don't worry about what the others smurf of you being here."
Grouchy sighed. "All right, Papa Smurf, I'll try to smurf positive, but I still hate smurfing in plays."
"Places, everyone, places," Narrator said. "The play is about to begin."

Then the music stopped as Tapper made his appearance and the audience applauded. "Greetings, my fellow Smurfs, to the play that will be presented today by the Smurf Theater Players, called Joseph And His Amazing Smurficolor Dreamcoat. We hope that you will enjoy the show and that it will educate you about important lessons that the Almighty has smurfed upon me to share to you through this production."
"Is this going to be a story from your holy book, Tapper?" one of the Smurfs asked.
"As a matter of fact, it is," Tapper answered. "And while neither Poet nor Narrator are believers in the Almighty, they have been fascinated enough by the smurfing of the story that they decided to smurf ahead with the production of this play so that you might smurf for yourselves why this is so important."
"Well, let's smurf on with the show already," another Smurf said, sounding impatient, with the other Smurfs joining in the same sentiment.
Tapper chuckled. "All right, all right, my fellow Smurfs. I need not bore you with any more details about the play. Narrator, the smurf is all yours."
Tapper left the stage and the audience cheered as Narrator took his place. "Thank you, Tapper, for the introduction. Now, as we begin our story, there once was a shepherd named Jacob, who was the father of twelve sons, and one of his sons was named Joseph. He was the favorite of Jacob's twelve sons, and Jacob wanted to show Joseph how much he loved his son with a special present that he smurfed him for his latest smurfday party."
And as the curtains parted, the Smurfs saw Empath on stage playing the part of Joseph as well as eleven other Smurfs playing the part of Joseph's brothers, all sitting around a table wearing party hats and singing "We Wish You A Happy Smurfday" to Joseph as a birthday cake was brought out for him to make a wish and blow out the candles. Joseph blew out the candles on his cake and some of his brothers cheered for him.
Then came Papa Smurf appearing in the role of Jacob, who carried with him a gift box. "And now, for my son Joseph, a very special smurfday surprise that I have smurfed just for him," he announced.
"A smurfday surprise?" Joseph asked, sounding curious. "This smurf can only wonder what you have given me for a present this year, Papa Smurf."
"All you have to do is open it up and see for yoursmurf, Joseph," Jacob said.
Joseph opened up the box, and saw something inside it that made his eyes grow wide. "Great Ancestors! Is this present for me?"
"What is it, Joseph?" Brainy in the role of Joseph's brother Benjamin asked, sounding eager to know.
Joseph reached into the box and pulled out what appeared to be a long robe that was made with many colors, the sight of which made some of his brothers look at it in wonder and also made the audience gasp, as they have never seen such a vibrant-looking piece of clothing like that before.
"Oh, le manteau est si magnifique," Painter as Joseph's brother Issachar said.
"I hate a coat that looks magnifique," Grouchy as Joseph's brother Asher said.
"Papa Smurf, that is a very interesting coat that you have made for this smurf," Joseph said. "But this smurf isn't sure why you would ever make this smurf anything this special. What has this smurf done to deserve such a special gift like this?"
"It is because you are my special son, Joseph," Jacob said. "Have I smurfed you of the time when I have first met your mother Rachel?"
"That was when you ran away from your home with Grandpa Isaac, when Uncle Esau wanted to kill you for taking his birthright away from him and then stealing his blessing," Joseph said.
"That's right, my little Joseph, and when I came to your Grandpa Laban's place, I met your mother smurfing the sheep out for some watering, so I helped her with that, and she smurfed me that she was the daughter of my uncle Laban. I knew from the instant that I smurfed her that she was going to be my wife, so I asked Laban if I could smurf seven years for him so that I could marry his daughter, and so he allowed me to stay with him and smurf seven years of work as a shepherd."
"But Grandpa Laban didn't give you Rachel after you worked for him for seven years, did he?" Joseph asked.
"Unfortunately, he didn't, Joseph," Jacob said. "On the night that I was supposed to be married to Rachel, he smurfed me his other daughter Leah instead, and so when I confronted him about it, he smurfed that it wasn't the custom of his people to smurf the younger daughter before the older. And so in order to marry Rachel, I now had to smurf with Laban for seven more years."
"That wasn't very honorable of Grandpa Laban to bait you with his daughter Rachel and then switch her for his other daughter Leah, Papa Smurf," Joseph said.
"Things only got worse from that point on, Joseph," Jacob said. "All the while that I was married to both Leah and Rachel, Leah would be the one who smurfed my children while Rachel wouldn't smurf me any because of the Almighty. And when neither of them could smurf me any children, they smurfed me their maidservants so I could smurf children through them. That was how your brothers and your sister Dinah smurfed into being. Then finally the Almighty blessed me with Rachel smurfing me a son, and that son was you."
"It's unfortunate that it took so long for you to have a son through my mother, Papa Smurf," Joseph said. "This smurf only wishes she hadn't passed away immediately after she gave birth to my brother Benjamin."
"I know how you feel, Joseph, and it breaks my heart that I had to bury her alongside the road instead of with your grandparents like I would have wanted to," Jacob said. "But as long as you and Benjamin are still smurfing, I know that Rachel's death will never be in vain, for you will always be my favorite among your brothers."
"This smurf is honored that you would consider this smurf the favorite son among my brothers, Papa Smurf, but this smurf still does not understand what my purpose will be now that this smurf is separated from my brothers," Joseph said.
"That will come in time, my little Joseph, when the Almighty will smurf to you His purpose for your life," Jacob said. "For now, enjoy your present and make merry with your brothers, for this is a day to celebrate your life."
And as some musicians came on stage to play a party song for Jacob and his sons to dance to, some of Joseph's brothers were talking among themselves. "Well, will you smurf at that?" Hefty in the role of Joseph's brother Reuben said. "Papa Smurf treats Joseph like he's a prince and we get treated like we're the prince's servants."
"That just isn't fair, Reuben," Handy in the role of Joseph's brother Simeon said. "We're the ones who were born first before Joseph and Benjamin, so we should be the ones who are the princes over our brothers."
"But what are we going to smurf about it?" Tuffy in the role of Joseph's brother Levi said. "Papa Smurf loved our Aunt Rachel more than he loved our Mama Smurf, even though she smurfed him more sons that Rachel did."
"Gosh, I only wish that I was a prince over my brothers just like Joseph," Clumsy in the role of Joseph's brother Gad said as he looked at Joseph.
"I know how you feel, Gad," Poet in the role of Joseph's brother Zebulun said with a wistful sigh. "Oh, to smurf my days as a prince smurfing on my latest epic works of poetry instead of smurfing in the hot sun smurfing after the sheep."
"If I was a prince, I would be smurfing my days on a golden bed with all my brothers smurfing on me hand and foot," Lazy in the role of Joseph's brother Dan said as he let out a yawn.
"If I was a prince, I would be smurfing that gorgeous robe of Joseph's all day and having all my brothers smurf around to admire me in all my handsomeness," Vanity in the role of Joseph's brother Naphtali said as he looked at himself in his hand mirror.
"If I was a prince, I would be smurfing each and every one of you all my surprises just so I can smurf a laugh out of you, including Joseph," Jokey in the role of Joseph's brother Judah said with a laugh.
"Well, as much as we would wish to be in Joseph's place as a prince among us, my fellow Smurfs, you know that there's none of us who could ever make Papa Smurf love us more than he does Joseph," Benjamin said. "After all, he is the first son of Papa Smurf's beloved wife Rachel, and though Leah has been a good enough Mama Smurf to all of us since Rachel passed away, she will never be..."
Levi came behind Benjamin while he was busy speaking and bonked him on the head with a mallet in order to get him to stop talking.
"Sometimes it's just not easy being the youngest member of the family who happens to be always right about things," Benjamin moaned as he felt himself being dazed from the mallet hitting his head.

The curtain closed as Narrator reappeared on the stage to continue the play's narrative.
"And so Joseph's brothers became jealous of him for the good fortune of him being Jacob's favorite son, as they all wanted to be the prince over each other instead of Joseph," Narrator said. "However, that jealousy would smurf to bitter anger once Joseph started having dreams that he would tell his brothers about."
And after Narrator stepped off the stage, the curtains parted and Joseph's brothers were seen out in the field tending to a flock of sheep when Joseph arrived on the stage, wearing his multicolored robe and looking all excited. "Fellow Smurfs! Fellow Smurfs! You can't believe the kind of dream that this smurf has dreamed last night!" Joseph said.
"Dreams?" Reuben said. "Why would you waste our time smurfing to us about your dreams?"
"Golly, what is it, Empath...I mean, Joseph...that you have dreamed last night?" Gad asked.
"Oh, please, Joseph, tell us about your dream," Zebulun said, sounding curious.
"Oui, dites-nous tout sur votre rêve," Issachar said.
"All right, all right, this smurf will tell you what happened," Joseph said. "In this dream, we were all together making sheaves of hay that we bundled up, and after we have left our sheaves of hay, your sheaves bowed themselves toward this smurf's. Oh, this sounds like a dream from the Almighty that this smurf has to share with Papa Smurf."
After Joseph left the stage, his brothers were left talking to themselves. "So all our smurfs of hay bowed down before Joseph's?" Gad said. "I have no idea what that even means."
"Well, Gad, it appears to mean that since Joseph is the favorite son of Jacob, that we're supposed to bow down before him someday," Benjamin explained.
"That's just great," Reuben said with some disgust. "He smurfs to us all the way out here in the field just to smurf us a dream that we're supposed to bow down to him? What kind of Smurf does he think he is anyway?"
"Yeah, that Joseph seems to be getting too big for his smurfs around here," Simeon said, agreeing with Reuben's sentiment.
"I sure hope Papa Smurf is happy with himself making us feel like we don't even count as his sons anymore," Levi said, also feeling the same way.
"I hate Joseph's dream," Asher said.
The curtains closed for a moment while the stage was set up for the next scene with Joseph and his brothers being around the dinner table with Jacob and his wife Leah, who was played by Smurfette wearing a gray wig. Joseph looked like he was excited over something that he felt he had to tell his father.
"Papa Smurf! Papa Smurf! You've got to hear about this dream that this smurf had last night!" Joseph said. "In this smurf's dream, this smurf was standing on the top of the highest hill looking up at the stars in the sky, and this smurf saw eleven stars as well as the sun and the moon all bowing down before this smurf. It appears that the Almighty is revealing this smurf's purpose at long last."
"You mean to say that even me and your Aunt Leah will be smurfing down before you along with your brothers?" Jacob said, sounding a bit displeased.
"This smurf thought that you would be happy for this smurf finally having his purpose being revealed to me, Papa Smurf," Joseph said.
"You must make sure that this does come from the Almighty, my son," Jacob said. "In my younger years, I too have smurfed dreams from him, including one where I smurfed a ladder that reached unto heaven, that angels were smurfing up and down upon."
"A ladder that reached unto heaven?" Joseph said. "You mean that place where you once stopped at to sleep will be very important in the future?"
"I'm sure that it will have some purpose which will be revealed to our people when the Almighty wants it to be fulfilled, Joseph," Jacob said. "Nevertheless, you must be humble before the Almighty and let him smurf your dream the way He intends for it to be fulfilled. Do you understand?"
Joseph nodded. "This smurf understands and acknowledges, Papa Smurf."
Meanwhile, Joseph's brothers were talking among themselves. "As if it weren't enough that we have to bow down before Joseph, now it smurfs like Papa and Mama Smurf are supposed to bow before him as well," Reuben said.
"I hate bowing down before Joseph," Asher said.
"We've got to find a way to smurf this from ever happening," Simeon said.
"Uh, yeah, but how are we supposed to smurf that?" Gad asked.
"Hey, I think I know of a way that we can smurf Joseph's dream from ever being fulfilled," Judah said. "Now here's what we're going to smurf..."

The curtains closed as Narrator made his way back onto the stage again. "And so Joseph's brothers smurfed together a plan which they would rid themselves of their brother forever. On the following day, Joseph was sent by his father to smurf on his brothers to make sure they were smurfing their job as shepherds."
After Narrator left the stage, the curtains parted to show Joseph's brothers in the field next to a well. They looked like they were busy working on a well when Joseph arrived.
"Salutations, my fellow Smurfs," Joseph greeted. "Is everything all right in the pasture?"
"Oh, we were just having trouble smurfing water from this well, so we were waiting for you to smurf up just so you can smurf a look down there and see what's wrong," Judah said.
"A problem with the water well?" Joseph said. "This smurf will take a look to see if there's anything this smurf can do to fix the problem you're having."
Joseph's brothers stood aside, with Judah standing next to the well waiting for Joseph to come closer and look down into the well. "This smurf doesn't see what the problem is with this well," Joseph said as he continued to look down into it.
"Now!" Judah shouted. Reuben and Levi came from behind and picked Joseph up to toss him into the well. Joseph yelled as he fell down into the well.
"Surprise, Joseph!" Judah said. "The problem with the well is that you're now in it!" Most of Joseph's brothers laughed with Judah at Joseph's unfortunate mishap.
"Is this a joke? What did this smurf do to deserve being in here?" Joseph asked, his voice sounding hollow from being in a deep well. "Aren't any of you going to help this smurf out of it?"
But none of Joseph's brothers answered him as he continued to call out from being in the well. "Hey, that wasn't a bad trick that you smurfed upon Joseph, Judah," Reuben said. "Now what else are we going to smurf to be rid of him forever?"
"Oh, gosh, smurf at that trader smurfing by with a camel," Gad said, pointing to the Smurf wearing Arabian clothes and bringing two Smurfs dressed in a camel costume on stage with him.
"Hey there, I'm a local trader of the Ishmaelites," the Smurf who was Trader said as he and his camel stopped next to Joseph's brothers. "You got anything you want to sell me, just name your price and I will smurf it from your hands."
"This plan's getting smurfier by the minute," Judah said secretly to his brothers. He then talked to the Ishmaelite trader. "We've got a slave that's smurfed in this well that we can smurf you for twenty pieces of silver. He's got this smurf of many colors that he smurfed from our brother, and we just want to smurf it back to him from this thief."
"Someone who smurfed your brother's coat, eh?" the Ishmaelite trader said, pondering the situation. "Well, smurf this slave to me and I'll see if he's worth the price."
Judah signaled to Reuben and Levi, who then pulled Joseph out of the well. Then they removed the mulitcolored robe from Joseph and handed him over to the Ishmaelite trader. "Great Ancestors, what are you doing to this smurf?" Joseph asked.
"Hmmm, this slave will surely smurf me a hefty sum in Egypt," the Ishmaelite trader said after briefly examining him. "Smurf his hands up with rope, and you'll smurf the price that you asked for."
"You're going to sell this smurf to Egypt?" Joseph said, not liking the sound of what's happening. "Brothers, why are you doing this to this smurf? What has this smurf done to you?"
"This is for your own good, Joseph," Reuben said as he tied Joseph's hands behind his back with rope and the Ishmaelite trader gave Judah twenty pieces of silver before the trader took Joseph with him offstage, with Joseph looking sadly at his brothers for betraying him.
"Oh, smurf is me, what are we going to smurf with Joseph's coat?" Naphtali asked. "We can't just simply smurf it over to any one of us to wear."
"I know just what we're going to smurf," Simeon said. "Let's smurf one of the goats and smurf the coat in its blood, then we'll make it smurf like a wild beast has devoured Joseph. That way Papa Smurf will never blame us for what we have smurfed to him."
"Oh, ce qu'est un plan diabolique," Issachar said. "Il pourrait utiliser un peu plus de couleur."
"Uh, yeah, what Painter...I mean, Issachar said," Gad said.
"I hate wild beasts," Asher said.
"For this momentous occasion, I shall write, Farewell, Dear Brother, And Good Smurfance," Zebulun said as the brothers walked off the stage with the coat.
And soon the curtains closed as the scene changed to the inside of Jacob's house, where Joseph's brothers arrived to tell their father the bad news.
"Great Smurfness, why do you Smurfs look so sad?" Jacob asked. "Where is Joseph?"
"I'm afraid this is all that's left of him, Papa Smurf," Judah said in a sad mournful voice as he produced the multicolored robe that is now torn and stained with what appeared to be blood.
Jacob took the robe and looked at it. "Oh poor Joseph! A wild beast has devoured him and smurfed him into pieces! Without a doubt he is gone forever!"
Joseph's brothers watched as their father left the stage with the torn coat and then reappeared wearing sackcloth. "Papa Smurf, Joseph has smurfed off to be with our people now," Zebulun said. "Surely you can find comfort in knowing that his death will not be in vain."
"As long as my son is gone from me, I can smurf no comfort in this life, my little Smurfs," Jacob said in a voice of great agony. "Smurf me alone to grieve for my loss, for I shall smurf down to the grave and join Joseph."
And Jacob again walked off the stage, weeping greatly for the loss of his son Joseph.