Reviewing The YouTube Videogame Reviewers And Let's Players

With the advent of YouTube, videogamers found a new form of expressing their likes and dislikes about the games they play in the form of game reviews and video walkthroughs, sometimes referred to as lets-plays. With these, gamers could give their actual honest opinions and best strategies by showing the game in action rather than just simply write about them and show screen shots and maps and stuff. Depending on the reviewer or lets-player in question, the commentary can be very decent and useful or be loaded with a lot of potty-mouthed comments that would shun away potential watchers.

1. The Wiiviewer -- This father of two sons is a big fan of Nintendo games, and it pretty much shows in his videos, which are all reviews of Nintendo Wii games, including those released as WiiWare and Virtual Console titles. Most of his reviews tend to be about lesser-known third-party titles with some rare popular first party titles thrown into the mix. However, with the exception of the original game, he will NOT review a Legend of Zelda game, so you can count out Twilight Princess and possibly Skyward Sword from being on his list of potential game reviews. For the most part, his reviews are family-friendly and he rarely uses any swearing or vulgar gestures to get his point across. He does like to throw in a little comedy to make his reviews seem funny, but personally I think he needs to lay off on trying to do Princess Peach because he doesn't do a very good female vocal impersonation. Sometimes he will have his two sons, referred to as LilWiiviewer and LilltlestWiiviewer, review the games with him and let them offer their opinions on how great or poor the game is. His reviewed games are usually rated as Buy, Rent, or Skip with the exception of downloadable titles, in which there is only Download or Skip.

Follow this link for The WiiViewer's YouTube channel.

2. FreQuenczy -- This college-age reviewer does reviews of games for both the Nintendo Wii and the Gamecube. Like the Wiiviewer, his reviews are also family-friendly and are nearly obscenity-free, plus he likes to use a bit of comedy and he brings in his brother and sister at times to help review the games. For selecting which new game he may want to review next, he brings out the Magical Chicken, which is a cooking pot with a chicken-adorned lid on top, and he stuffs a bunch of game title slips into the thing before he shakes it up and picks out one of the slips. His game ratings are usually 0 to 5, with 0 being the worst game and 5 being the best (so far, only Super Mario Galaxy 2 has gotten the highest rating from him).

Follow this link for FreQuenczy's YouTube channel.

3. Classic Game Room HD --

4. CGR Undertow -- This offshoot of the original Classic Game Room HD channel has a cast of three people in their late twenties review videogames from various systems, ranging from the 8-bit Nintendo generation to the current system generation.

5. Farmhouse, the Canadian Gamer -- He doesn't really review games to give them a rating, but he does show a 10-minute playing of the game to give us a first impression of what he thinks of the game.

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