Part 2

"Was Great-Grandmother Smurf always like that around you, that all she wanted to see was you not wearing a shirt?" Polaris asked.
"Not all the time, Polaris, not all the time," Great-Grandfather Smurf answered with a fond chuckle. "There were times when she was more concerned for how I was than how I was looking. But you know a Smurfette's nature, that when her heart is drawn to looking at you in a particular way that makes her heart beat faster and her eyes become a bit wider, there's no other way that she would ever want to see you in."
"It's unfortunate that there's not any other Smurfs in this world besides us least as far what I can detect in the country we live in," Polaris said. "We should move away to this other world across the seas called the Americas. Maybe there we might find other Smurfs like us who are trying to live in this modern world."
"If there were any other Smurfs left living in different parts of the world, they would be telling us where they are by now, Polaris," Great-Grandfather Smurf said. "Besides, what's left of this forest has been my home, and I'd be smurfed if I have to leave it behind along with everything else that makes me a Smurf. And on top of all that, I'm not as healthy as I used to be to make such long journeys."
"I just don't see the point in staying here if this is all that we have left of our home, Great-Grandfather," Polaris said. "I don't want to leave you, but if this is going to be your final day alive, then I need to know where my future lies from this point on."
"You'll discover your purpose, Polaris, if you will entertain your ears to listening to the rest of my story of that day when I had seen the entire future," Great-Grandfather Smurf said.
"I'm sorry if I just seem eager for us to have a life that isn't just confined to living in a forest that wasn't like it used to be when you were a young Smurf, Great-Grandfather," Polaris said.
"There's nothing you need to apologize for, Polaris, for if anyone needs to apologize for anything, it's me for having you go through a life that you don't deserve to live," Great-Grandfather Smurf said. "Anyway, back to the story."

As Polaris continued to listen to Great-Grandfather Smurf telling his story, he saw Empath sitting at the breakfast table with Smurfette, now wearing a shirt and trying to tell her everything he could remember seeing of the day he mentioned.
"You were wearing this beautiful white dress with blue trimmings and a flowing train, and you arrived at the wedding riding a pumpkin that was made into a carriage with Brainy as your escort, and your friends Handy, Hefty, and Duncan were with you escorting these females called pixies to the altar as your bridesmaids," Empath said. "Harmony played the most beautiful wedding song that he ever composed, and we danced together and sang the song of our vows of love for each other, and afterward we kissed while all our friends cheered."
"Oh, if only I could smurf the wedding for myself, Empath, the way that you have smurfed it," Smurfette said, finding her heart being captivated by all the details that were revealed. "I can't believe that this is going to actually be us ten years down the smurf when you finally propose to me."
"But this smurf isn't sure that it's actually going to be us ten years from now, Smurfette," Empath said. "All what this smurf saw could potentially be us, but we have no idea what's going to happen between now and ten years later, where our relationship is going to be and whether this smurf will actually ask you that important question."
"But why couldn't it actually be us, Empath?" Smurfette asked. "What could ever stop us from being smurfed together for all time if this is what you smurfed in our future? Is there anything before then that you remember smurfing?"
"For some reason, what this smurf remembers seeing only starts at the day of our wedding, Smurfette," Empath said. "That leaves whatever took place between now and then as a big mystery. In any case, this smurf will not rule out the possibility that this could be an unalterable event that will eventually come to pass as we..."
Suddenly Smurfette noticed that Empath just stopped talking as he just stared into the distance. "What is it, Empath?" Smurfette asked. "What else are you smurfing right now?"
"It's...a baby being born, Smurfette," Empath answered, as he heard Smurfette's voice calling to him. "That has blond hair and a star mark on her forehead. That child is ours! We both have become parents of a daughter!"
"I'm the mother of a daughter...with you?!?" Smurfette exclaimed.
"She's so beautiful, Smurfette, just like you," Empath said. "She's who I imagined you would look like if you were ever a baby Smurf. I can feel the child being cradled in my arms, as she looks up to me and smiles. Papa Smurf is looking at me, you, and the child being together and he is also smiling."
"Don't you see, Empath?" Smurfette asked. "This isn't just a possible future for us...this is a definite future! I can't believe that we're going to be parents right after our marriage together!"
"All right, what are the two of you smurfing on about at the breakfast table?" Brainy asked as he sat down with Empath and Smurfette.
"Oh, nothing that really concerns you, Brainy," Smurfette said. "It's just Empath revealing the future that he has smurfed together with me."
"You have smurfed the future, Empath?" Brainy asked, sounding curious. "Tell me, what have you smurfed of my future if I was any part of it? Do I become a really famous book writer? Do I become the next leader of the Smurf Village? Do I become a powerful sorcerer after Papa Smurf is gone? Please, you've got to tell me!"
"You do become a great book writer and a powerful sorcerer, Brainy," Empath said. "It's just that I can only remember bits and pieces of everything that this smurf has seen in that future. There's just so much in that thousand-year span that this smurf needs to find a way to record all the details so that it doesn't get lost."
"I could help you smurf everything down in a book, Empath," Brainy said. "But truthfully, I'm not sure that even the entire village could hold all the books that you could smurf about your visions of the future. There isn't even enough room for all the editions of Quotations Of Brainy Smurf that I could ever hope to write if indeed my book series becomes popular enough in the future."
"Your books being popular in the future?" Smurfette jested. "Well, I would surely love to smurf the day when every Smurf is asking you for a copy to read."
"What I have written so far is only the beginning of a vast intellectual mine that is just waiting to be smurfed into and extracted of all its precious minerals in the smurf of time, my dear Smurfette," Brainy said. "Empath should know if he's seen what my life would become in the years to smurf."
Empath chuckled. "This smurf is certain that time will reveal the truth of that statement, Brainy. But in the meantime, this smurf needs to find some other way to record all these visions of the future if printing them in books will not be enough."
"Maybe Handy would know how to smurf what you're thinking of smurfing, Empath," Smurfette suggested.
"Perhaps he would know of a way that this smurf hasn't thought of yet, Smurfette," Empath said. "It wouldn't hurt to pay a visit to him after breakfast and see if there's anything that he has created or could create that would serve the purpose of recording such a vast amount of information."
"But Empath, what else could you smurf about my future?" Brainy asked.
"Please, Brainy, don't bother Empath with so many questions about your future," Smurfette said. "It's hard enough for him to remember everything he has smurfed as it is."
"This smurf apologizes, Brainy, but this smurf cannot reveal whatever it is that this smurf cannot distinctly remember," Empath said.

After breakfast, Empath went to see Handy in his workshop about something that he could store all his memories in so that they wouldn't get lost.
"Hmmm, something for recording all your memories," Handy said to himself while looking up at the ceiling of his workshop, pondering Empath's request. "I'm not sure what I can build you that can smurf you the trick, but there's something that Smithy Smurf created with this crystal that Miner had smurfed in the mines that I have that I haven't smurfed for anything."
"What exactly does this crystal do, Handy?" Empath asked.
"As far as what Papa Smurf's books on crystals can tell, it's a special and rare memory crystal that is used for recording every single memory that a person has, Empath," Handy said. "You touch it, and I swear that you can smurf the memories of whoever last touched the crystal as if you've smurfed those memories yourself."
"This smurf is only curious as to why you're the only Smurf who's in possession of this crystal that Miner had found," Empath said.
"A few years before you came home, Empath, Papa Smurf was being contacted by his former mentor Palladore, the wizard that smurfed him everything he knew about magic," Handy said. "He smurfed us to this place where we found a time capsule that was left behind by him for Papa Smurf to find so that we could stop these druids called Worlings from escaping their imprisonment. I was thinking at the time that we could smurf up our own time capsule that we could smurf in the ground for future generations of Smurfs to find and discover what a Smurf's life was like back before they were born."
"That sounds like it was a very noble idea, Handy," Empath said.
"The problem was, we were arguing over who's going to smurf what into the time capsule I have smurfed up when Worluk the druid leader smurfed up in our village, looking for the Moonrock Amulet that Hefty and Clumsy had smurfed from him," Handy said. "The time capsule that I have smurfed was instantly desmurfed from one blast of the druid's magic staff, and even though we smurfed together to smurf that druid back into the tree that he and the other druids were smurfed inside, I never smurfed up another time capsule like that ever again because I feared that it would get instantly desmurfed."
Empath watched as Handy went into one of his drawers to pull out a medallion that had a glowing white crystal in its center. "This smurf feels sorrow for your loss, Handy, even though you couldn't have known that this was going to happen to you."
"If you truly have a thousand year's worth of memories smurfed inside your head, Empath, you could smurf us all what's going to happen to us within that time period," Handy said as he handed the medallion to Empath. "I'd be curious to know about all the inventions that I would be able to smurf up in the years to smurf."
"This smurf has a feeling that a good deal of Smurfs in the village would also be curious to know what the future lies in store for them from what this smurf knows about the future, Handy," Empath said. "But all the same, this smurf isn't comfortable with the idea of carrying a thousand year's worth of memories of events that none of us have even lived through yet. And this smurf doesn't want to reveal things that the other Smurfs may not be ready to handle right now."
Handy sighed. "Well, you're one lucky Smurf to be able to smurf things before any of us have a chance to smurf through them, Empath. I just hope that there's a future generation of Smurfs that will appreciate and learn things from their history that we're just starting to smurf right here and now."
"Now how is this crystal supposed to record this smurf's memories, Handy?" Empath asked.
"Papa Smurf says that all you have to do is touch the crystal, and it will record everything that you have smurfed in your memories," Handy explained. "Hopefully this will smurf out a lot better than the time capsule, even though all anybody in the future will smurf from us are just a bunch of living memories."
"This smurf is certain that future generations of Smurfs will appreciate the effort that you and this generation of Smurfs have put into the creation of this medallion, Handy," Empath said. "This smurf is honored that you are able to help this smurf."
"Just make sure you let the future know about Handy Smurf and his inventions, if you're going to smurf the future anything of importance," Handy said as he watched Empath leave with the medallion.

Smurfette and Brainy looked at the medallion Empath was holding. "Are you sure that's going to smurf everything that you remember about the future, Empath?" Smurfette asked.
"There's only one way to find out the answer to that question, Smurfette," Empath said. "Hopefully this should help get everything out of this smurf's mind before something terrible happens."
"Before something terrible happens?" Brainy asked. "What could possibly be terrible besides you not being able to tell every Smurf what their future is going to be like, particularly my future?"
"Brainy Smurf, how could you think of only yourself at a time like this?" Smurfette said, sounding displeased. "This is Empath's mental health that we're smurfing with here...we don't know how anything he remembers of the future is going to affect him."
"And you're not wondering what your own life is going to be like, now that you know that you're going to marry Empath ten years down the smurf, and being a mother of his child on top of that?" Brainy said.
"If there's anything Empath needs to smurf me about my future that's important, he will let me know then and only then, Brainy," Smurfette said.
Suddenly Empath dropped the medallion on the ground. "Empath, what's happening?" Brainy asked, sounding concerned.
"It's Papa Smurf! He's dying!" Empath shouted.
"Dying?" Smurfette said, sounding worried. "Oh no, we'd better warn him about what's going to happen."
"Warn him of what...that Empath's just seeing this in his future?" Brainy asked.
The both of them noticed that Empath was just standing very still, as if he wasn't paying any attention to anything going on except for what he was seeing at the moment. "Empath, please tell us what it is you're smurfing," Smurfette pleaded, pulling on his arm to try getting his attention.
Empath continued to stand still, watching in the theater of his mind the events unfolding in it: him being in the room of his future house with Smurfette and their daughter around the bed that Papa Smurf was laying in, with Papa Smurf struggling to say his final words to the three Smurfs present. Papa Smurf looked terrible with an illness that was consuming him, but he also looked like he would soon be at peace.
Empath sensed that Papa Smurf's life signs were getting progressively weaker as he held the former village leader's withered hand in his own.
"I know how sad you must feel, Empath," Papa Smurf said. "But don't grieve for me, for soon I will be joining your Mama Smurf in the smurfy hereafter. I can feel her beckoning to me to smurf her by her side."
"If only we could have smurfed more time with each other, Papa Smurf," Empath said. "It just isn't fair that you smurfed more of your life with this smurf's fellow Smurfs than with this smurf."
"I think that I have smurfed you back all the time that I have ever smurfed from you, Empath," Papa Smurf said. "I still regret having smurfed you to Psychelia when you were too young, but now I see that it has all smurfed out for the best. I couldn't be more proud of how you smurfed out than I am right now."
"Well, I think I could have smurfed those same years from you, Papa Smurf, if I had only been born as a real Smurf," Smurfette said.
"Life doesn't give us everything that we want, Smurfette, only that which we need," Papa Smurf said. "But all the same, I couldn't ask for a better daughter than you, even if you were created by Gargamel. It just seems like yesterday when you first smurfed into the village and I have smurfed you into a real Smurf."
"And for that I am always grateful to you, Papa Smurf," Smurfette said. "I promise that I will continue to love Empath with all my heart and my soul even after you are gone."
"I know that you will, Smurfette," Papa Smurf said. "Empath, remember to watch after your fellow Smurfs and their children as well as yours. They will always be your family from now on."
"This smurf understands and acknowledges, Papa Smurf," Empath said. He felt that the next part was going to be hard to say. "In case this has ever gone unsaid before you leave, this smurf...that is...I love you."
"I know you do, Empath...and I love you, too," Papa Smurf said as he breathed his last.
Then Empath and Smurfette watched as Papa Smurf closed his eyes and laid back in his bed, his life fully expended. Smurfette planted a kiss on Papa Smurf's cheek, sad to see him go, but happy to see that he is now at rest.
Smurfette in the present time saw a tear fall from Empath's eye. "Farewell forever, Papa Smurf," he muttered. "We will see you again in the smurfy hereafter."
"Empath, are you all right?" Smurfette asked, still trying to get his attention. "What did you just smurf in your mind?"
Empath turned to see Smurfette next to him, realizing that he was now back in the present. "It was the day of Papa Smurf's death, Smurfette. It took place about 165 years from the present time, and we were there together to see Papa Smurf rest in peace. He wanted to let us know that we shouldn't worry about him anymore."
"Papa Smurf dies 165 years from now?!?" Brainy asked, sounding incredulous.
"This smurf fears that might be a very distinct possibility, Brainy," Empath answered gravely. "If this is a future that cannot be changed, then we would have to prepare for that event to happen when the time comes."
"But how does it happen, Empath?" Smurfette asked. "Is it because of some illness that he contracted along the way or..."
"Please, Smurfette, this smurf must focus on getting all these future memories out of this smurf's head as soon as possible," Empath said, picking up the medallion from the ground and walking off with it.
"I think we need to tell Papa Smurf about this right away, if this is a future that cannot be changed," Brainy advised.
"I'm beginning to think we don't have much of a choice, Brainy," Smurfette said, nodding in agreement.